Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lots Of Activity Around Here!

Hey Everyone!
Hope your weekend is going well.
My "baby" turned 22 yesterday. It doesn't seem possible! Mostly because that makes me two decades plus two years older!!  Never mind my older boys, 26 1/2 and 25 1/2.  Wow!   I still remember those younger years as if they were yesterday.  When I hear new mom's talk about sleepless nights and other activities involved with babies and toddlers, I totally have a visual of a similar incident in my family's earlier years.  When I hear a mom complain about those sleepless nights, I just have to share with them that even though my boys are older, it doesn't mean I don't have those same sleepless nights because for me, tons of metal with an engine are traded for a crying baby or sick toddler.  Once they start driving, a whole new set of situations take over.  Suddenly you don't have control.  And because I've received that horrible phone call late at night, that one of my boys had been in an auto accident, being up all night with a crying little one seems so much easier to handle. (By the way, my son was fine after a weekend in the hospital.  He was a back seat passenger in a volvo { nice, solid car }  It was a rainy night. The driver drove through a slick spot on the freeway, spun out and hit a cement divider. Thankfully everyone was okay!! Just very scary)..... back to birthday happenings... we had a little gathering here on Friday night. Luckily he attends a University only about 15 minutes from home so old friends and fraternity brothers were able to stop by.  Unfortunately,{update:} Dad is back in the hospital again.  His pain was not manageable at home and so the only way to get relief was to go back and start over. I brought him home on Wed afternoon and he returned early Friday morning.  An ultra sound shows no change in the clots. He's still completely full of them. He is in good spirits now that everything is under control!!

Another recent happening, involving the Family Tree unraveled this week!  I will put that in the next post because it could end up rather lengthy if I don't think first how to streamline the info.  Lol, I have a hard time sticking to the point - and blogging is actually helping me {a little!}. I also want to post a few pictures and add to my ETSY shop, and sew a little more... so much to do!
Until next time,

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