Thursday, March 10, 2011

Clippity Clop...slow but steady...

I managed to make another dress this morning.  I need to use the packaged seam binding like I said I would instead of making my own.  Things might go a little faster.  If all goes well, I think after I get back from the hospital I will at least cut out several dresses and get the elastic and seam binding measured and cut. The assembly line system seems to work wonderfully when you have a larger quantity of the same thing to complete.  And look at me, waiting until the last minute!!  Okay well not entirely my fault !! Injured foot and clots needed a little attention, too!
PillowCase Dress #2
Here is a dress I made earlier.  It's kinda cute, huh?  I love using up smaller pieces of remnants that would otherwise turn antique unless I eventually made a quilt out of it.  I like the contrast, too.  Again, more remnants. That's all for now. One dress per day won't break any world records but at least two little girls will have something new!!  Also, I hope to post an update later tonight.  Until next time, wear something sparkly :-)  I know I am!

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