Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Little Block In The Road

Hey Everyone!
I've had to step out of my normal routine for a while.  The last few weeks has been rough for my hubby as he recovers from a procedure.  He had neck surgery and that went amazingly well.  I brought him home the next day!  Unfortunately he developed blood clots (DVT's) and that is very serious.  It's not the first time & we both know the drill because we've been through this many times over the past decade.  This particular episode was almost overlooked, and as the clots grow it becomes very dangerous. The vascular doctor placed a sheath in his leg and a catheter which had a strong clot busting solution that was released in the blood. After 48hrs into it, they discontinued it because there was a risk of the surgical site (in his neck) bleeding. Now it will take much longer for his blood to be therapeutic as he's given heparin through an IV.
He's actually doing well but as you can imagine, he's very bored!  And he misses his own bed, his doggies and my awesome, over-the-top cooking!!!! Lol.
I wanted to thank everyone who knew about this, for all your prayers and help and meals and encouragement!!! We really appreciate all you have done.
Oh, I almost forgot another update... my youngest son was playing basketball with his fraternity brothers the other night and rolled his ankle.  It's not a pretty sight! So many shades of blue and purple and red. (Yes I did take pictures but I will spare you). And it didn't help that he had a commitment in LA, and walked on it the entire weekend!!  His girlfriend took him to ER on Sunday night for x-rays & he left with a casted splint & broken bones.  This morning was spent at the Orthopedics' office and while there, we received great news.... the swelling had gone down considerably and further review of the x-rays showed NO BREAK!!

I've fallen behind on my pillowcase dresses but I hope tomorrow morning I can make up for lost time and help
dress a girl !!  I will take pictures of my progress before I send them off.
I hope everyone is having a FABulous week.
Until next time,


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