Friday, July 5, 2013

July 4th and Summer Time!

Hey Everyone! Happy July 4th to all U.S.!!
Mia and Abby. Our Sweet Italian Greyhounds.
Don't you just love this photo? These two girlies are the best! Mia {brown} just turned 4 yrs. last Friday.  Abby {grey} will be 5 in August.  Now that we are empty nesters, Abby and Mia are the "children".  And when the grandbabies arrive, we'll have the full house again!

I've all but fallen off the earth over here. My little shop and blog seems to be on holiday for a bit.  Un-planned, of course! Time goes by so fast.  I can say unofficially, that soon I will have a large block of time and will be able to dedicate more to the shop. Maybe towards end of summer.

In one of my past posts, I mentioned that my brother and his wife are due this summer. They found out they will be having a boy {Branden} and for now most of my sewing will be for that little guy.  I've been getting into embroidery lately. I love how it's easy to transport and it's always handy when you have some time to fill while waiting. Of course, I have several projects going at once... but always a small one that's easy to throw in my purse to take with me.  I've also become an eBay fanatic. In both selling and buying.... mostly buying, I cannot lie.  But I have discovered some pretty awesome embroidery books! {same with Amazon}. The ideas are flowing here and I can't decide what to do first. That's why several projects at once.

Abby on left and Mia on right

 Above is something I had on instagram. A work in progress for sure. I love the flour sack cloth, it's perfect for embroidering.

Until Next Time,
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