Tuesday, March 29, 2011

~ It's The Last weeK of MaRcH ~ Time To Warm UP!

Hey everyone!
I've had such a blast this past week being introduced to the BNR's on ETSY.  What a cool way to meet others and shop and talk and have extra traffic stop by your store! FuN for All  :-)   Thank goodness I don't have tons to spend because if I did, I think I would!!  The talent on ETSY is amazing ~ and equally hard to resist. I can only sew {and knit & crochet scarves only}.... but some shops I visit, display beautiful works of art. I mean like jewelry, or ceramics, photographs, or even food.  I've said this before, the photos are a huge deal. Everyone should be familiar with basic photography. If you think about it, the picture you pick to represent your wares, is all that a shopper has to go by.  I fail at this miserably !!!!   Sometimes I'm so impatient to post a new item, that I'll take a picture with my phone. {and tell myself that I'll re-do it later}.  As you can tell by glancing at some of my photos.... "later" never happens!  I move on.  Bad, bad thing!!  My hubby said he'll re-shoot my items for me when he's feeling better.  I lOOk forward to that! update:  speaking of hubby, I brought him home over the weekend. He had been in the hospital over a month with not much change. They aren't too sure how to handle his case ~ except to wait for the clots to dissolve and for new pathways to form in his leg & allow for venous return. This is a very slow process, even with blood thinning medication. A little walking would help but the pain is so severe that he cannot walk. Vicious circle for sure. {Accepting all prayers!} What I've realized in the last two and a half days is that I'm getting great training for my future as a home health nurse {although this makes home health seem like a cake walk! Lol }.The other thing I realized is that even though my throat is on fire & feels like it's been playing with a pack of razor blades AND my ears burn, ring and ding, it's a known fact that Mom's, nurses, & wives, aren't allowed to go down. There simply isn't enough time!  I'm sure it's because of very limited sleep and of that limited sleep, it's pretty much broken. Every three hours, morning and night, an alarm goes off to remind me to give meds.  So if you see me on Facebook at strange hours, that's the explanation.  Even though I'm tired, I still can't sleep. 
Before I sign out, I thought I'd post a pic of a small item I made...
Pink Check Book Cover- Inside
Pink Check Book Cover with Button Closure
I know, who uses checks anymore? Maybe once or twice per month you might need to ~ and even if it just sits in your desk drawer, at least it'll look better than the plastic one you get free from the bank.  I'll probably remove the white pen holder {seam binding}.  I didn't realize how much it stands out !! Lol. I thought I'd mention that before someone else did!
I hope your week is a great one and be on your guard.... remember, this Friday is April Fool's Day !!!
Until next time,

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