Friday, October 28, 2011

* Trying something new *

Hey Everyone! I'm so happy it's Friday. No huge commitments this weekend so I plan on lots of sewing.  Or, maybe some crochet time... I can knit and crochet, in a straight line but the skill ends right there.  How lucky for me that a co-worker can do circles!! She taught me a couple new stitches {which I promptly forgot the name/abbreviation} but I think I have the technique mastered.
The beginning of my hot pink beanie!
Looks better this way, the "holes" aren't as noticeable!

 I also have a book & DVD to help with technique but you know how it's better to be shown something as detailed as this, instead of reading words? My co-worker said that she learned from YOUTUBE, 
I may end up there as well once my skill level moves past the "dummy" phase.  I think the little flowers I see around ETSY {and have even purchased} are so adorable and I'd really love to learn that next.  I may improve so much that I could offer little crochet hats in * My Shop *  but do allow ample time for that!
Until Next Time,

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Boutique News!

Hey Everyone!   I had such a great time yesterday participating in a local Boutique held at a nearby high school gym.  This was my first event. Wow, did I ever learn a lot.  I joined two online/Etsy friends, Laurie from FlutterbyConnections and Laurie from CreatedByLaurie. Their talent leaves me in awe.
Our booth was HUGE and right at the entrance.

I learned so much from these amazing ladies! There wasn't a huge turn-out but we all sold a little bit and enjoyed a lot of great conversation!

The very, very best part?  I was covered in glitter from head to toe for the 2nd day in a row! 

Until Next Time,

Friday, October 21, 2011

* W e D D i N G * STuFF *

Hey Everyone!  Yes, I've been absent lately - but that doesn't mean not much is going on. Quite the opposite... mostly work and after that, not many hours are left.  What I did do last weekend was go shopping for Wedding Dresses with one of my future DIL {Daughter-In-Law}. It was such a great day!  We started out at 9am, I loaded into the truck with the Bride's Mom, two Sisters and we headed north to our first stop and to meet up with the maid-of-honor.   
So Many Choices !!
The first shop was nice. So many choices, I don't know how the Bride's do it these days! DIL definitely had a style in mind and we all pulled out dresses that we thought met her criteria but after almost an hour and a half and many try on's, she did not say Yes to the dress.  Back into the truck to travel further north to Fullerton.  We arrived early to our appointment with the Dress Consultant so what do six women do with extra time on their hands?  Eat and Shop!  We had a great lunch, quenched our thirst and checked out a couple nearby antique shops.  Then it was time to explore more dresses!
The choices were amazing once again.  This shop actually had  "THE" Dress !  The beautiful Bride had seen a particular dress {which I cannot describe at all, not even  a teeny detail} online and in a magazine.  She was on a mission when we first arrived ! About 10 dresses were pulled and the fun fashion show began. She made each dress look so beautiful but when she walked out in THE dress, the room lit up with such a glow.  We all knew that she was going to say YES to THE dress!!  
Just a few of the many choices of beautiful dresses.
Close up of bead work.
While none of the above pictures are of THE dress, I couldn't resist posting the beautiful lace and beads of other dresses.  It was such a fun day!

This weekend I will be in my very first Boutique! I will be home all day today preparing for this exciting event.  My next blog post will be all about it!
One last picture or two - since Halloween is right around the corner...

I didn't make these little hats that the girls are wearing {sometimes I do purchase items for them}  I thought they were so cute.  I'm not sure what they will wear but hopefully I'll decide on the perfect outfit soon.
Until Next Time,

Saturday, October 8, 2011

New York!!

Hey Everyone!!
Okay so I've tried to "blog on the run" two different times and obviously with no luck.  Again, my phone is still "uploading" as I type.  I'm on my son's {brand-spankin' new mac} laptop now so maybe I can quickly post a few pics!!
My Son and I at Lincoln Center

Times Square

Hearst Tower...  His office is on the 20th floor

The Hearst Tower, top half

 Guess?  haha.  The water show was awesome. Wish I could've captured that!

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Gizmo Cozy" on PatternSpot by Shiny Happy World !

Hey Everyone!
I joined the website "Pattern Spot" today.  It is a Downloadable Pattern Marketplace.  I'm so glad I stumbled upon it!!  All you do is create a free account as a shopper or designer, it takes just a few minutes and you're ready to shop around.  There is even a section of Freebies.
I've been thinking about making a couple little pouches for all my gadgets loose in my car {as well as for a few friends with the same need}.  As simple as it sounds to make a square or rectangle to stash a Magellan or phone charger, for some reason I wasn't coming up with a cute design. I just love this little "Gizmo Cozy"I will probably alter mine just a bit ~ maybe with a button closure or tie. 
Gizmo Cozy by Shiny, Happy World!
The little girl applique is so adorable!
I'm going to head back over and check out all the other patterns they have to offer and I think you should too!!  Thanks for stopping by today.
Until Next Time,

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hey Everyone!
How was  your weekend?  Mine went well {thanks for asking!} I was able to sneak into my sewing room for a short while. I love this purple multi-colored fabric.  I felt like making a pouch with a bright yellow zipper!  It's about 7 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, and lined with a light purple fabric. Both 100% cotton.
It's great for keeping your little things all together!
Should be in my shop in a few days!

One more really cool thing to show you.... my new seat covers. Guess what color... PiNk !  No, I didn't make them.  I can only imagine how this fuzzy {soft} rug-like fabric would clog up my machines, even if they only required a few straight lines!  Here they are ...
So nice and soft... so PiNk  :-)
A little closer, just in case you couldn't tell how cool they are.
My pretty dashboard at night.
I'm not a huge car fan, but I do like it when you put in the key and it goes... I also like my car really clean.  My son took this picture of the dash and I thought it was so pretty!!

Until Next Time,

Saturday, October 1, 2011

* It's A New Week *

Hey Everyone!
Another week flies by and all I can say is two things:   I've worked A LOT and bought tickets for New York!!  Not much sewing but maybe I can sneak a little in tomorrow ~ my idea of a day of rest.
So, about New York.  My son flew out last week to work and find an apartment. He had angels with him because everything went so smooth and quick. The location is idea, less than a half mile from the Hearst Towers, which is where his office is.  No subways to deal with!  He's home for a few days to box up & ship his things that might fit in his space. We'll both fly out on Thursday and get the apartment all set up.  You can bet I'll be Facebooking pictures as well as blogging on the run.  This is my first time to NY and probably my first time being speechless.  {No comments... you know who you are!} 
Thank goodness for Google Earth.  As soon as I got word that papers were signed and he had an address, I opened up my laptop and took a tour of the city. The 3-D street view is insane!  I stood in front of his building and "walked" to his office.  {Yep, had to make sure it was a "safe" walk through the neighborhood} Can you tell he is the first boy to really leave the nest?  The college stuff didn't count.  I only gave him 7 pairs of boxers so he'd come home and do laundry that first year of dorm-living. Actually, we saw all our boys a lot during college.  I am so lucky they humor me. 
Fingers crossed that I get to post pics tomorrow of new items for my shop ;-)
I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.
Until Next Time,      
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