Sunday, September 25, 2011

Busy Weekend!

Hey Everyone, 
Not a lot of sewing going on here lately but more kid stuff and some celebrating!
Family... My youngest brother & his girlfriend & I.
On Saturday {9-17} our house was filled with family and friends as we celebrated my middle son's 26th birthday and his new job in New York.  We are so excited for this great adventure he has ahead.  I can't wait to go visit!

On Sunday we headed inland to wine country to check out the wedding & reception venue my youngest son and his fiance picked out for their big day.  All I can say is Wow.  This facility is so beautiful and large enough to accommodate almost 300 guests.
From Parking Area Looking On To The Seating & Ceremony Area

The Lake View To The Left Of The Seating
The Seating & Ceremony Area
I'll add more pictures on my next post.  I thought I had more on my computer but looks like I need to send the rest over!  I hope you're having a great weekend.
Until Next Time,

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Hey Everyone!
Just testing Blogger again. I deleted and uploaded one more time. Hope your day is awesome!
Until Next Time.....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Safety Reminder!

Hey Everyone! 
I figured since I'm awake at 1am watching PBS & listening to "Straight, No Chaser".  {They are an awesome group that a friend introduced me to last year}.  I thought I'd pass on a safety reminder to you all.  No, not about keeping your fingers away from the needles when your serger is sewing at high speeds! It's about keeping your car doors locked. Here's my story...
Today my husband and I were on our way to the Harbor to meet friends for lunch. First we stopped at the pharmacy. He pulled straight up to the front and I asked him to keep the car running so my phone would charge.  I was texting my boys & noticed a guy walk in front of the car to throw something in the trash. I thought he looked familiar but couldn't place him and went back to my phone. I knew the car to my left had a lady in it, sitting on the passenger side like I was.  I could tell that the man walked between my car & the one to my left.   The driver side door opened and in came one leg.  I thought for a second & remembered my husband didn't have shorts on today. Then he sat down and started straightening my floor mat. {So I have one of those mats that has a picture of a girl on it, like the girl on public bathroom doors. In Pink.} He's still fiddling with my mat!  So I say "Hellooooo?"  I still don't see his face because he's leaning towards the floor {probably thinking.... When did I get this girlie floor mat?} Finally, his wife yells over "Mark, Mark, Get out..... You're in the wrong car!"
Now I scream!!  She screams!
He Jumps out - shuts the door.   Opens the door again and just babbles partial noises - no words, and shuts the door again. When I looked over, his wife is beet red and saying "Sorry".... the man is in his driver's seat now but just looking straight ahead at his steering wheel.  After a few very long minutes, they backed out and left. 
So, luckily I'm in a really safe little city!! That could've been really bad.  Especially because I was thinking I may have known him, and he was trying to be funny or something. My husband would totally do that same thing to someone.  I reminded him of that as he tried to raise his voice at me & say something about me not screaming sooner.
Moral of the story:  Keep your car door locked!
Now back to my Guy concert on TV... and hopefully dreamland :-)
Until Next Time,

Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's Never Too Early To Think About Christmas, Right?

Hey Everyone!
So I tried to upload the following picture & post from my phone an hour ago.  It's still spinning and apparently not going to happen.  Guess I'll just have to delete and reload the Blogger App. 
Here is the latest item in my shop...  Hope it doesn't freak you out.
Are you ready?  I'm ready to begin the cooler weather, cozy clothing, and music!  I know, it's still September.  It was the big {one hour} thunderstorm we had today that got me in the mood.
Until Next Time,

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wooo! Twice In One Day!

Hey Everyone! I'm back. Twice in one day....but I'd better hurry because there is only a few minutes left of today.
I have just discovered Z U L I L Y you need to check it out if you don't already know about it.  You do have to register before going inside. I was sorta put off by that but once inside, I edited and gave my real email address! Lol.  The prices are so great and on brands you all know.  I even picked up the cutest pair of shoes!
I'm going to keep their "button" on my blog side bar for easy access  Enjoy!
9-9-11 Update:well, unfortunately I can't figure out how to add a button for Zulily....but you can bet as soon as I'm able, I will.  

9-16-11 Another Update to Zulily:  Well, my totally cute pair of shoes arrived the other day! You've got to see them.....

Until Next Time,
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