Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Following up!

Once again it looks like I was successful at blogging from my {smarter than me} smarty-pants phone. Although I have to say I'm not totally comfortable with it. First of all, typing on the phone vs. laptop:  no comparison! And as far as sending pictures, well, sometimes it's not so good. I think it only sends when it feels like it. Can you tell I'm not thrilled about the phone? I switched to this "transformer" phone in January and really wish I had my palm pre back!  That's a whole other story I'll save for another time.... back to the Bib !! So glad it posted well because just now I went to my email to download the same picture plus the backside and wouldn't you know it...  neither picture/email is there!  Just when I thought I was done talking about the phone and it's sending issues. Well, no photos in this blog. 
If you love the Bib like I do, you can get the pattern from my friend Amy!  You'll find it in her "tutorial" section. It's a great pattern, makes a great gift and is easy to follow.  You should give it a try ! 
update:  Hubby is doing better and should be coming home soon!
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