Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dress*A*Girl ~ Sew-A-Long !

I'm so excited to participate in the Sew-A-Long!  Not only is it the first time for me but also the first time that I've made one of the pillowcase dresses.  They are so easy and this is for a wonderful cause!  Every girl in the world should have a dress! Of course the girl that gets one from me will have a PiNk one with a little sparkle in it :-)   Here's a picture my son took of me tonight after I put it together....  I know it's not about me but if you'd disregard the bags under my eyes, I'd appreciate it ! . Lol.  It is after 11pm and it's been a long day!!
Dress A Girl Around The World ~ Sew*A*Long

So I didn't actually use a pillowcase for this one. It's more of a gauze fabric which will be so nice and breezy in summer time. I think a pillowcase in this fabric wouldn't be so comfy. It takes about a yard of fabric for most standard pillowcases and I have lots of cute fabrics in one yard increments that will be put to great use. I may use the pre-packaged seam binding instead of making my own, as I did in the first one.  I can see myself getting all crazy with pockets or coordinating panels ~ which sometimes backfires for me and makes my project take much longer than it should. Lets see if I can stay focused  between hospital trips & whatever else pops up the rest of this week.  I don't know if I should set a goal of 10 or 20...
I was also able to finish an apron for my Etsy shop.  I like the fabric a lot, it looks like I should have made an apron out of it! The background is brown with little dots and it's covered with fruits & flowers.  I had to use rick-rack on the pockets. It just seemed appropriate. Check it out: 

Brown And Fruity Half Apron
I think it's totally cute. And how cool is it that I can use my orange tree as a backdrop and a hanging prop?  Works for me!
Update:  Hubby is doing okay. They are having huge difficulties with his stubborn clots. We thought he'd be moved to the regular floor today but he's still too critical so will stay in ICU a little longer. I also found out he may have developed an infection & was started on an antibiotic. Hope to have better news tomorrow.
Until next time,



  1. I love both of those!! That apron is SO CUTE!!!!! Once my crazy life slows down I cant wait to start my etsy shop. Tell Steve I hope he feels better soon, Praying for a fast recovery!

  2. Hey Stacy! Thanks so much. I'll be heading to our home away from home later today & will tell him you said Hello. Thanks for prayers, we need them!
    I can't wait for you to start your Etsy shop either!! I think you should make these little dresses for Sky. I can't believe how easy they are.
    I'll be praying for Leo, too! Keep us updated.
    Hugs xx


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