Monday, January 31, 2011

Something Not So PiNk

Can you believe you're seeing something not so pink?  I actually made this for a baby boy! A simple pair of pants.It has an elastic waist and they are very easy to take on and off..  I'm thinking of making a matching hat or a vest (or both). It just depends on how the day goes.
I hope yours is wonderful

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Whew this week flew by!

It sure has been a fast week and certainly busy! My husband and I were treated to a night away in San Diego and Wine Tasting Tour to celebrate our 29 year wedding anniversary.  All compliments of my Mom and Dad.  This was our first time and it was interesting as well as totally fun. We had a great time.
Sitting among the grape vines. They aren't producing right now.
We took some really great pictures and of course it helped that the day was beautiful and so were the images.
Don't even need a caption for this.
It was really an interesting process. I didn't realize how much work was involved.
I was able to finally get a little sewing in towards the end of the week, even though my straight stitch machine decided to pop a part.  I know that doesn't sound very technical but  seriously, i do not know what this little piece was that came off my presser foot. I will take it in for service and luckily my Mom's machine was here and I exchanged it out in no time.

I had my 2nd sale in my shop this week!!  One of my half aprons.  It's so fun to wrap up your item and prepare it for shipping.  I just love the whole process from start to finish.
I've had it on my mind to keep everything organized, no matter how big or small this is.  I bought this cute 3 ring flowered notebook to hold all things important.  I've printed out an extra copy of the invoices from my sold items and put them into a clear paper protector holder.  The invoice has a description of my item along with a picture.  I stapled a small swatch of fabric in the lower corner and on the back I attached the receipts involved in the product. (like the shipping receipt , etc)  These items will go under my first tab.  Under the next tab will be the items I purchase.  So far, not too much but I have bought zippers and buttons, seam binding and ribbon.  Supply stuff... all really cute!  I think I will put my blog and website and twitter info under the other tabs, maybe even an inventory tab, too.  All this is so easy now since my shop is new and I've only sold a couple things.  This will be easy to keep up and at the end, if taxes are involved, I'll have all the info at my fingertips.  This is the master plan, anyway!
I added a few things to the shop.  One is the knitted scarf I talked about last time.  I had this grand idea of embellishing it with ribbon and beads. It looked so good in my mind but not so much in the sewing room.  Plain it is.... just the yarn I knitted it with.  Sometimes that happens and maybe it was just this scarf that it didn't turn out well. Maybe another type will be just fine with ribbon and beads.
I also finished a Valentine apron.  I found some wonderful linen and decided to line it with that.  It was a bit difficult just because the threads are not as tight as the main cotton fabric I was using.  I couldn't believe how much stretching was going on, even after I washed in really warm water and dried it bone dry. Even ironing at each stage of construction didn't keep it under control.  It took a little longer than normal but I like how it turned out,  I even got to use a button I purchased from a fellow Etsy shop owner. The linen sure makes it feel like a sturdy apron!  Check it out.
Front side
Back side - yep, that linen is just screaming to be ironed again!
Close up of front pocket and little button embellishment.
Well, that's about all for now.  I just noticed the time and it's already morning.  The week flew by, The day flew by and in a few days, it will be February.
Until next time, stay sparkling!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm on Twitter ! I hope that's a good thing.

After much encouragement, I re-activated my Twitter account.  I never really "de-activated" it, I just never used it. I didn't really get it. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I get it now but I'll spend some time on it, since I have the time, and see how it goes.  Apparently your username is limited to about 17 characters. Bummer for me since I have 20 characters (and that's without spaces!!) So, my Twitter name is @PinkSparkleLace.
No room for the "And".  Just when I was getting used to it and just when my Blog, Gmail, ETSY and dot com website ALL had that name available! Like I mentioned to my girlfriends Jackie and Rhonda, "Do I really need to worry? Afterall, who would grab those four words and put them together without spaces and call it a business?"
So, if anyone out there Tweets, feel free to look me up and follow me.  Fair warning:  I'm navigationally challenged and cannot be responsible for getting you lost while following me.  Rest assured though, I do go in circles for the most part.

Today was pretty least for the few hours I was able to be in my sewing room. (When am I allowed to call it a "studio" ? Lol).  I prepared a few projects for sewing and I finished a drool bib made from left over Valentine fabric I purchased for an apron.  Here it is:


This is the front.  Cute little hearts! I also sewed an organza ribbon & tied it into a bow.
 This is the back side, just a solid pink. And my label that my son made for me! Lucky to have a son that majored in Design, when you need to have something designed!

Well that's it for now.  Happy Blogging or Tweeting or whatever it is that you like to do to fill your extra time.
Until next time, stay Sparkling. 

Looks like another great day today!  I've been busy figuring out (still) all of the internet stuff.  I hate to think I'm a slow learner, but I do know that my talents are really in the sewing! Although It's always good to challenge my brain every now and then.
So I've got Valentine's Day on the brain.  Check out this cute fabric I found the other day.

I've started an Apron and should have it posted on my site by tonight.  I'm lining it with an off white Linen. I'll need to figure out something foofy to put on the pocket, after all, it's for Valentine's Day!  YaY !
I finished a narrow scarf.  The yarn is darker, with blues and browns.  Before I post to my shop, I'm going to add a little surprise to it. Hopefully it will turn out.  The picture in my head is totally awesome. Let's see if I can duplicate that.  Here's a preliminary picture:

It seemed to take forever to make this one but maybe because I limited knitting time to car rides and waiting rooms.
My next project won't take as long.  I LOVE the yarn.  Besides being so bright and rather colorful, it's thick and feels like a chenille, Very warm and cozy. Will be hard to sell. Only because when it's finished, I'll want to keep it for myself.

Here is a picture of the newest knitting project:

Sooo  soft and sure to be warm!

I can't seem to stay away from children's clothing clothing,  I think because I can usually finish a project in a day or less. So last night, I cut out a bib, out of Valentine print.  It's a cotton knit, nice and soft.  I think I will make the reverse side in terry cloth.  I remember how little one's need absorbent items around them when eating.  This bib won't catch the projectile stuff but will certainly serve well in the dribble department!
That's all for now.  Happy sewing to you!  I'm always open to hearing what project you are working on.  Please leave me comments, I love reading them.
Until next time, stay sparkling.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another Great Day !

Yes, another beautiful day in So Cal.  And even more fun for me because it was my monthly "girls day" with two of my extra special, very good girlfriends.  We pick something to do each month. It's a time to catch up and visit and connect.  We need more than just the little snippets of words posted on each others Facebook status/comments.  Today we spent the day in San Juan Capistrano. We were local tourists! Had a wonderful brunch, a little walking and lots of talking.  Of course the day wouldn't be complete without a stroll past the petting zoo.  I attempted a few pics of any animal that humored me and I'll post any that turned out.  It was hard to tell in the blaring sun.
Here's a wild thang...
Isn't he/she cute?
Not sure how to tell if this is Mr or Mrs Ostrich but "it" sure is happy to pose for the camera!

                                                           Checking everyone out !
 This is a cute little donkey.  The girls thought for sure she was "with child" but one of the employees said she's just fat.

The Historic District of San Juan.  Nice day for being a tourist!
We had a great brunch and then sat in a cute park with giant trees...see below. 

I hope you have a really great week.  Check back soon, I plan on more crafty pictures and hopefully a great sewing tip!
Until next time, keep on sparkling!

Apparently I can post to my blog from my (way too smart for me) smart phone.  Seems safer to upload from computer...will do that from now on I think!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's such a beautiful day in So Cal today! Makes me want to do things outside.  Finally a nice break from the cold weather. I'm rather embarrassed to even bring up "cold" because compared to every other state, we are pretty warm.  But my blood is thin and numbers in the 60's means it's time to break out the scarfs, long wool coats, gloves and high boots.  And of course there is my personal rule:  40 degrees.  Do not leave the house if it's 40 degrees or lower.  No point, it's just too cold.  Sorry to all my friends and family living in those places with snow and 40 degrees or lower!
I hope everyone is staying healthy. I'm sure trying.  Especially as I see people dropping all around me.  I hold my breath a lot, so I don't have to breathe in their germs and possibly catch what they have.  My youngest son is one of the ones.  He came home yesterday very sick.  He lives on campus in the fraternity house. His resistance has got to be low anyway because in those houses, not much sleep happens and way too much drinking of your daily calories goes on.  I did all I could to help him last night but today we are off to see the doc.
As far as my sewing and crafting goes, I do have a couple new things to add to my store.  A knitted scarf and adult jammie bottoms (to match the toddler/child bottoms) in a cozy, warm bright fleece print. I have to take a very short break at my machine because of a small setback, but that just means I'll be doing more hand sewing/knitting type of things and learning more blog & website tips and tricks.  Speaking of tips....  I wanted to have a tip of the day or week or post - something like that - and I thought of one the other day.  It's about seam binding/bias tape.  Seam binding is a great invention!  You can do so many things with it.  One thing is to cover up a not-so-perfect seam! Or the obvious: finishing the edge of your project, like a baby bib or apron or placemats...Also, if you run a few stitches through it, it can be used as a loop on an item or an extension to a zipper pull.  But what if you can't find the perfect match for your project?  Have you ever thought of making your own?  You do need extra fabric for this because it's cut on the bias for best results. I had to do that with the red and white star diaper cover I made.  I did not have a red bias tape to match the red of the diaper cover or even the off white of the star, so I made my own.  I love how it turned out.  I'll post a pic to show you.
Made my own...and  no, I won't run over the pins!

Until next time,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Weekend Again

It's the weekend again!  Where does the time go?  Believe it or not, I've been meaning to write each night but things kept getting in the way.  One of those things was my broken molar. Yikes that was a big bummer, Must have been cracked and I didn't know it, so when I took a bite of that pizza (by the way, it wasn't stale), it broke away. No pain.  I just put it in my pocket.  Luckily, I have the most awesome dentist and now I'm as good as new!!

I'm so excited that Valentine's Day is coming up.  My FAV "holiday".  I just love all the pink and red and little cherubs and lace and hearts everywhere!  I love to decorate (just a bit) inside the house.  Hopefully I can locate everything in the garage. It appears that some re-organizing has been going on out there, and I'm sure it looks organized to the person organizing it, but to me, not so much.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, I've been busy thinking of things to create for my ETSY shop.  Right now I'm cutting out a bazillion fabric hearts, mostly red and pink, to sew together and stuff with batting. My plan is to string them together to make a garland for hanging.....But not without embellishments first!  It's taking lots longer than I planned.  Sometimes those little things that look so simple can take up the most time. In my mind it looks totally adorable though.

More pics are coming.  I just recently uploaded little jammie pants, made from soft & cozy fleece. They are multi-colored stars and really bright.  Not a lot of sleeping will be going on!  Oh, and to add to it, I just finished the adult version. Once I get the pictures taken, I'll be able to upload that as well.  I'm also just about finished with a scarf I knitted earlier this week.  I used a mixed brown and blue textured yarn.  In just a few days I've become attached to it and hopefully won't have second thoughts on selling it !

I thought of some great tips to share but now I'm blank!  (to those that know me, No Comments ).. maybe the current time is to blame?  Next post for sure  :-)
Until next time, stay  *sparkly*
~  Tammy

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blogging on the run

Happy Monday everyone!
This will be a short note, actually more of a test. I finally took my phone in to get looked at today. Its been "offline" for over two weeks. I was told they would probably have to save all my pics & contacts then do a hard reset. Well, I ended up with a new phone! Now I have to re-learn everything. The good part is all the cool apps I have access to on android. One of them is the Blogger! So there ya have it. Blogging on the go. Hope this turns out well.
Until next time, keep sparkling!
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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 1/1/11....

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope everyone had a great night last night. Hubby and I had a nice dinner with my Mom and Dad (affectionately referred to as G-Ma & G-Pa). We went to our fav local Mexican restaurant Don Jose's. G-Ma arrived with party hats and blinking necklaces for us to wear. We got lots of smiles for sure!

I'm planning on posting pictures of new items listed in my shop really soon! I get on a roll sewing, then I neglect learning how to set up my blog & new website (under construction) or I'll spend mindless hours online and remind myself that I only have 20 items in my ETSY shop! I need to strike a balance or figure out how to be in two places at once. I'm still pretty baffled on little things with this blog... like the tabs. I do want a link to ETSY and eventually to my new website but I also want page tabs too. Can you have all that?? I think so but I have to discover the secret first!
Oh, and I want to make a "business" Facebook page too. Gee, sounds like I want it all.
It's already noon so I'd better get to it!
Here's a pic of my Mom and I from last night. I hope we took a pic of the four of us. I'm sure it's on hubby's camera...I think!
Until next time. Have a great day!
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