Monday, November 28, 2011

Cute Little Christmas Trees!

Hey Everyone!
I just had to share a link I ran across a few weeks ago on another blog.  Mini Christmas Trees.

Ohmygosh, aren't they SO adorable? Check out the Tutorial over at the website.
Mini Christmas Trees from Lemon Tree Creations.   I think I need to make a few sets ~ for myself and for a couple gifts.
When do you decorate your home for the holidays?  Traditionally, I like to do it over the long Thanksgiving weekend.  Usually there is extra time, I'm always in the mood, you know, the timing is just right!!  Well this year wasn't the case, as I originally thought it might be.  I spent most of yesterday in the Emergency room at my local hospital, and I wasn't working... it was for myself!  That will be a story for another post.
Until Next Time,

Friday, November 25, 2011

* Lazy * Dog * Daze*

Hey Everyone!
I thought Orange text would be appropriate to use for this Thanksgiving weekend! And I've made the font a little larger as the Orange may be difficult to read.
For us, like many other homes, this is the official weekend to begin CHRISTMAS decorating. I'm so excited. Time to break out the CD's and get the music playing :-)
Before I get lost in that topic, I wanted to post a couple videos of my girls doing what they do when they lay around all day.

A dogs life... so easy,right?
Until Next Time,

Sunday, November 20, 2011

*~* My Sweet Girls *~*

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
I know I'm a little early but that's okay.  I had a list of things to blog about today but time has flown by, like it often does on the weekends.  Today we had a nice "rain storm" lasting more than an hour. Of course that's when I pick to go shopping!  Nothing like making mundane chores more exciting.  Maybe it will be more relaxing as the week unfolds and I'll have extra blogging time but for now, I have to post this picture of "My Girls".  Their Fall Portrait taken by Alex at our last I.G. play-date.  The Fall IG Play-Date that our Biggy~Iggy Mia, took a walk on water.
Abby {L} our 1st rescue 3yrs and Mia {R} 2nd rescue 2yrs old

 I posted this same photo a few minutes ago to my personal Facebook page.  I can only imagine the clever comments I get to read when I'm done here.  Apparently, most of my friends don't treat their little doggies as if they were the grand babies.  Ha.  {Guess my boys will need to get me some real grand babies after their weddings next summer!} 
Oh, I can see the notifications popping up now in the corner of my screen...comments made on my recent picture. This should be good :-)    
Hope you all have a short work week like I do, or better yet, no work at all.  Enjoy!
Until Next Time,

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hot Pad and A Knitting Needle Roll

Hey Everyone!
Just a quick post to show you a couple new items that I made this past weekend.
First, a friend in the U.K. wanted a Knitting Needle Roll for all her needles.  Here's what I put together for her...
All Rolled UP!
The Inside Roll

The Outside Roll
I hope she likes it!  What do you think?  

I also wanted to do something with strips of fabric I put together. Mainly PiNk and Green,of course!  I plan on making matching Apron and Hot Pad sets and I had a couple yards of InsulBright in my stash. I cut up the strips and added a sash or two and here's what I came up with!  
 * Pot Holder/Hot Pad * Front Side *

* Back Side of Hot Pad *

* The Pot Holder Loop *

* A Little Heart In The Middle *

* In Progress *
This was fun to make. I love quilting!
Thank you for stopping by.
Until Next Time,

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mid-Week Misc

Hey Everyone!  I'll try to concentrate as I write but I have to admit, I'm also watching the CMA's.  EEeeek, I'm so excited.  I've been waiting all week for this night. I've turned into a total Country Music lover. Not so much the twangy older music but it's the current music I can't stop listening to. I have a dream to make it to Stagecoach in the spring. {we'll see if that happens!}
On to sewing news. I bought a cute coin purse pattern from KEYKALOU shop on Etsy. I think they are so adorable and something everyone could use.  I've made a couple so far but still need to add to my shop.  Take a peak:
Owl Coin Purses
I know, my phone should remain my phone and not be my camera.  Sometimes it's so much easier to snap & send off to my computer since it's always in my pocket. Here's a shot of a few currently in progress.  Should be up this weekend.
Coin purses in progress
  In other news, you may have heard me mention once or twice {or a million times} about my darling Italian Greyhounds. They are the most awesome little creatures ever! This past weekend we went to the Fall I.G. Play-date.  {Yep you read that right. We do play-dates for our fur babies}. One of the gals in the rescue group opens her home & back yard to us. Sometimes up to 40 or 50 adults and just as many I.G.'s. It's hard to resist rescuing just one of these precious pups! The dogs are real social and really enjoy hanging out with their own type. The adults get to hang out and enjoy great food and conversation.  Usually there is a raffle and money raised goes to help a specific pup in need.  It's really a wonderful organization and not limited to just California.  Take a look at this basket of donated items... a doggie bed, a doggie themed lined basket filled with scented tennis balls, pull toy, natural biscuits, shampoo, two red ceramic bowls, Paul Frank leash & matching martingale collar, to name a few.
Raffle Basket for Italian Greyhound Rescue
Isn't this a wonderful basket?  Guess who won?  Our little Abby and Mia won! They were so thrilled and couldn't wait to play with their new toys and use the pretty new bowls.  
We did have a little incident that day while at the gathering.  Mia {our "biggy-iggy} decided to walk right into the pool.  I happen to see the whole thing from the other side of the yard. I think she thought she could walk on water or something.  It happened so fast!  And with a big "Plop", Mia was in the water. Sinking fast. Everyone heard the noise and luckily, one of the Dad's went flat on the deck and reached for her. He missed the first time but was able to catch her collar the second time. I don't get it, the doggie paddle instinct never kicked in. You could see all four legs just hanging straight down and she was following! We laugh about it now but at the time, it was so scary. Mia didn't seem bothered by the mishap, she carried on the rest of the day like nothing happened. No spitting or sputtering either, so I presume she's a good breath-holder. 
That's all for now!  I hope to show off Christmas goodies in the very near future. Enjoy the rest of your week.
Until Next Time,
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