Friday, August 31, 2012

End of Summer/Sales/Tickets

Hey Everyone,

I hope you're having a great week. I'm looking forward to the long holiday weekend!
Maybe I can get some sewing in. Oooo, fingers crossed!  Labor Day weekend always lines up with back to school, one last heat wave and the smell of Fall in the air { You really can smell it }.

We stopped by the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach.  We opted to go in the evening just so it would be a bit cooler.

Sorta blurry. Mom and I getting more toe rings. This place is the best.
I felt sorta bad for keeping this one. Afterwards I noticed a small sign saying No Photos :-(

This glass blower was amazing

Waiting their turn to sit up high and get their toe rings

One of the local bands getting ready to play. They were SO good!
A great time was had by all.  I love the local talent and it's fun to "window" shop.  I never did make it by the OC Fair. I think it's probably a good thing though because I just heard from one of the medical reps that came by the office, one or some of the piggies tested positive for H1N1 or H1N2 - don't quote me on the exact strain, I quickly forgot because I instantly thought to myself, Ohmygosh, If I did go to the Fair, I would've totally petted those pigs!!!  There was a litter born and they were so darn cute that I posted them on my FB page. I'm a sucker for "baby" anything.  {well, maybe not baby bugs}.
As it is, right now I've got like 10 mosquito bites on my right arm alone. About another dozen on my legs.  I don't respond favorably to bites.  Big swelling and redness goes on. I try to stay on allergy pills or at least Benadryl around the clock until the itchy part gets under control... because in my sleep, I will scratch until blood comes. I know, gross.  I'm a nurse and I like blood - it gives me something to fix.
*Labor Day Weekend Sale*  Aren't you loving the *SaLeS* going on right now?  I know I am. JoAnn's is having a great one!  I was lucky enough to receive a few birthday gift cards to spend there and Oh Boy am I excited!  I also got one to SteinMart. It just so happens that they had a Betsey Johnson purse that I thought I totally needed.  Really Bad. There was also a really good coupon on FB. I just have to share this part.... Originally $98.00 marked to $49.00 then with the coupon, I walked out the door with my $24.00 Bag!   Just happen to have a pic....
It's pretty much covered with clear sequins. Totally Me.

End of Summer/Sales/Tickets.  I wish I was referring to my Angel game tickets. Nope. More like speeding. Ugh.  Maybe end of the month quota? I hear they really don't do that but I'm pretty sure they do.  Here's what happened. Yesterday I'm leaving for work. Few minutes behind but no biggie.  I'm sitting at the signal, popping the top off my yogurt. I see a motorcycle cop cross in front of me heading the same direction I will be going as soon as my left turn light turns green.  It does and off I go.  I did notice that I didn't see him up ahead. Weird thing to notice-then it quickly went out of my mind. I slow down to turn right and look in my mirror.  Look at all those pretty lights!  Oh Geeze.... I think they're for me!  I pull over and down into a closed business {It's only 7:40am}.  After we exchanged pleasantries, he tells me I was clocked at 56 in a 35.  All I could say was  "Really? Are you sure?"  I'm thinking, that seems so fast especially since I did just see you pass in front of me.  This kid wrote me a ticket!!!   I was so shocked I couldn't think of anything to say.  Now I can think of a million things. First off, I HAD a spotless record. Never in my life a ticket. Certainly that should say something.  I'm wearing scrubs, he knows I'm a nurse - I'm sure he saw my license plate frame when he ran my car. I listen to direction. He could've given me a warning, he has that option. I was polite. I'm a Mom, old enough to be his Mom! I don't like speeders either!  I should've said "Hope I never run into you in the ER buddy!!  Okay, I know he was doing his job. That street was 35 mph for a reason. My new car is just so darn smooth, I had no clue!  Maybe I should contact Mazda and be in their next commercial:   0 to 60 in five seconds flat.
I'm not going to just pay it though.  You know why?  It does bother me that he was so quick to hand me that yellow slip of paper. Maybe he was new?  I didn't look at my ticket until today. I noticed that the time he wrote down was 8am. It wasn't 8am.  It was about 7:45. I was at work by 8:10 so how could I leave my house and be in Laguna in 10 minutes? It will never happen, no matter how fast he says I drive.   I'm not sure but 20mph + over the limit is really bad.  If he's "rounding up" his time, who's to say he's not "rounding up" my speed?  You need to be more detailed when you're messing with someone's  money/fees/auto insurance. You know what I mean? These things will all be altered.  Yes, I should've been looking at the speedometer. I know that now. I usually go with the flow of traffic.  I truly don't believe I was going that fast and a warning lecture would hold me until I'm too old to drive.  Maybe he had a quota to meet? It was end of the month.  Oh well.  I'm already becoming an expert on how to get a ticket dismissed.  I can't believe how much info is online. Hahaha. Guess I'm not the first one. Even though it feels like it.

Until Next Time,

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Few More Wedding Photos

Hey Everyone!
I hope you're all having a great summer.  Things are busy here, with less than six weeks before the next wedding - a loud buzz can always be heard.  I even thought about putting my shop/twitter/blog/FB "on vacation".  I haven't been able to craft or sew much these days.  I feel rather anxious because sitting down to my machine keeps me calm. I know that some of you can relate!  I still find time, late at night, to look at crafting sites & I want to throw back the covers and run into my sewing room but I'm quickly reminded that the alarm will sound by 5:30am and off to work I go. Those 10+ hr days don't allow for much creativity.  Oh, and did I mention the heat? Geeze, we've had killer hot summer nights.  I even snapped a picture of my thermostat in my car - 104 degrees while on the freeway. Seconds before it went to 105. We have one room with A/C and I prefer to hang there. 
I wanted to share a few more wedding photos...  I don't remember if I mentioned that I made the veil and hand beaded sash.  I'll include those, too!  Enjoy.
Happy Couple
The Wedding Party
My Boys! I can't even tell you how much I love them!!
My Sweet Daughter-In-Law and Her Girls
Mr & Mrs Kiss :-)
Silly Boys
Another Silly Pose {trust me, I have about a dozen more}
Ah! I'm Hitched!
The Railroad Tracks, San Juan Capistrano, CA
Sharing the Wine {You can see the sash on her dress}
Well, I hope you enjoyed those... if you're local and happen to be looking for a photographer, you can go directly to Pamela's website.  She was so great with the kids... I mean, my son and his wife!  She also took their engagement photos and they were awesome!  Her boyfriend was in charge of the boys. He hung out in the Groom Room while Pamela was in the Bridal Suite.  They are an amazing team.  Her facebook page also has a great selection of photos.  I highly recommend them!

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

They Did It !!

Hey Everyone!
Well the big day finally arrived and everything was so perfect! Not one teeny issue or snag in the whole day or evening. {I thought it was a little HOT & Humid, but just my opinion}. Our rehearsal at the venue was quick and after we drove to Laguna Beach for the fun part. Dinner was so yummy and eating oceanside is always the best.  I'll add a few photos - taken from my phone so pardon the flaws. The real ones will be a treat, I'm sure!
The Happy Couple, taken from the balcony.

The Beautiful Bride, Randi * I just LoVe her !!
A Bite of Cake - Instagram style.
The cake from "Nothing Bundt Cakes" and little Bundtini's for the masses.
*Randi and Steven*
Just a little excited!!
Okay, I could keep adding but I'd probably make you crazy.  I'll add the professional photos when they come in.  I've seen a few on FB and they are amazing! The photographers were great. The kids are on their honeymoon in Kauai and gone for 8 days.  Their photos are also amazing... but of course paradise would be!
And just think, our family is fortunate enough to experience another wedding in just 8 weeks! My youngest son is tying the knot October 6th.  We'll be in {local} wine country: Temecula & they've reserved a vineyard for their ceremony. I bet it won't be as hot and humid!!  I hope! I only "complain" because I had just chopped 10-12 inches off my hair about 24 hrs before Steven's wedding.  No, that wasn't my master plan. Everyone knows you'll have some extra spring in your hair after a fresh cut.  Let's just say, I felt real springy!  Hahaha.

Until Next Time,

Saturday, August 4, 2012

** August 4th **

Hey Everyone!

Happy Summertime and whatever else this day and month means for you.  Olympics? BBq's, Sunshine!  Today is a memorable day for a few reasons past and present.
Today my three boys took off for Palm Springs for a two-day and one-night bachelor party for my oldest son.  Countdown less than 6 days for the BiG DaY! 
The Guys  8.4.12
The Famous Dinosaurs on the way to the desert.  You can see part of his face behind Steven
The boys have been texting me pictures and partial sentences.... hummm, guess they're having a great time!  The place in the above photo is special to our family.  We've been going to Palm Springs since before the boys were born and started taking them as babies.  We'd often stop for a date shake and a bag of nuts at Hadley's and of course, the Dinosaurs.  When we went {back in the day} it was just a lot of dirt and those big guys.  Now it's all commercialized.  I don't even recognize that sign my son is standing in front of!  There is a gift shop now and I think they probably charge to look inside Dino.  Such a shame... but still a kick for them to stop by today.

Random Runaway Bride
This third photo just makes me laugh.  I will keep laughing if I stare at it.  I found it on my Facebook news feed and had to grab it.  I know, my sense of humor isn't always pristine but it is hard to please everyone, right?   So I had to share with you all.

Something I'm making...
In closing, one last picture...  above...  It's killing me to have to wait to post what I've been working on so I cropped out a little part to show you.   Not sure what those little blue things are because they don't appear on the real thing!  The center is one of three jewels  and around it I added sequins, clear glass seed beads and Svarowski pearls.  The Bride loves it and I think it turned out pretty cool, too.
Until Next Time,

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