Tuesday, May 23, 2017

T-Shirt Quilt

Hey Everyone, I wanted to share the T-shirt quilt I recently made for one of my sons. While he lived in NY, he was unable to bring his huge Tshirt collection with him because space was so limited. After his return, he had another "collection" of shirts, NY style. As we tried to weed through all these shirts we were storing, he decided he didn't want them all. I told him we'd donate them but instead I cut them up and sewed them into a quilt. He loves it and his roommate who also went to the same college, would like one as well.

First, collect all the T-shirts

Make a template and lay it on each shirt over the logo

Count your squares & decide the layout

Lay the squares out in the order you'd like them for the quilt.

I sewed each row across, square by square.
And here is the final product!

I should add, after the front was sewn together, I had a large black piece of fabric on hand for the backing. I placed right sides together and sewed up all four sides, leaving a space at the bottom to turn the quilt right side out. Then I hand stitched that close. I also top-stitched around all 4 sides. I did not add batting between the two layers.  This is a warm blanket and being in California, we don't really need extra layers. Plus, my boys all seem to run warm. 
I know this was an extremely abbreviated tutorial and I'm happy to answer any questions. Feel free to message me.  These quilts are pretty popular right now and I think it's a great way to save the memories and put them to good use!


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