Tuesday, August 23, 2011

* ~ What I've Been Up To ~ *

Hey Everyone!  How's your summer going along?  These past few weeks have flown by!  Which is no excuse for not writing... but in my defense, I Did write!  From my {smart} phone. Well, apparently it's not so smart after all. Over a week ago, I wrote this big ol' long post, complete with complimenting pictures and it is still publishing!!!   OhMyGosh, I can't believe it.  A couple days later, while at my Mom's celebrating another family birthday, I posted again with only one or two pics. I was concerned maybe that first one was just 'word overload' or something, so my second was considerably shorter!  Guess what? Yep, still "publishing".  Ugh!   I have tried all sorts of things to remedy the situation but still  unsuccessful.  Tonight, instead of writing earlier, I was on Android's Blogger App Help Feedback page, letting them know of the Huge kink I have encountered ~ and a little blurb about how unhappy I was.  I noticed a few others had the same problem so maybe we'll see a solution. In the mean time, since I can't open the post while it's "publishing", I will have to go off memory!  {Fyi, not always so clear} This will be a short version.
UPDATE: haha, after I posted this... I realized that I posted this pic almost a month ago. I'm going to keep it though because I'm so proud of Christine!!
First, at the start of summer, I made this adorable ruffled, half-apron (if I may say so myself!} for my shop. It took a long while & finally uploaded to my shop early August. Here is a picture of Christine modeling for me.

Quick note about Christine.  Sweet friend of my middle son. She was staying with us for a few weeks in between her internship in DC and moving to Indiana to go to A Really Good School In Their Law Program {she's one smart cookie!} I'm so proud of her!!
The next thing I made is a reversible craft/crayon & kitchen apron for little people.  The inspiration for this came from my stroll around Laguna Beach, CA and playing tourist at the Sawdust Festival. Mine is different because it's actually two aprons in one. The front is for crayons or can be used for paint brushes, etc. The reverse side has two pockets and can be used in the kitchen to "help" or anywhere else "help" is needed. I didn't have a pattern and literally cut and sewed as needed until it turned out this way.  What do you think?

I should be listing in my shop soon.  Stop by & check out my other items if you have time!

I will need to post double time now, since everyone probably thought I abandoned this page! More to follow.
Until Next Time,

Sunday, August 7, 2011

\*/ Fabric For Sale \*/

Hey Everyone!  I hope your weekend is going well.  We are still riding the wave of excitement at our house with all the new things going on here.
I have something different in my shop ~ it's Fabric!  I'm definitely not doing this as a regular thing,  I don't think I could keep up with all that's involved in selling yardage. What happened was,  a friend gave me a ton of vintage fabric.  She rescued it out of her Mom's closet while gathering things for Goodwill.  It had been there well over twenty years and most likely from the 1970's.  Her Mom used to sew everything and apparently was like me {and all other fabric stashers out there} and found it hard to resist a great deal when she came across it.  I always find fabric that I "need" even though my closets and cupboards are plenty full of the wonderful stuff already! I'm so happy she thought of me  ~ I had a blast going through my new found treasures.  The reason I'm not keeping it all is because I am running out of room but also I'm not totally fond of the '70's shades of browns and oranges, etc.  But I know a lot of people are!  Also, I don't work with wool or Polly {and her sister Ester}  much so it's best to share the love.  Unfortunately, the fabric content was not with the stash and I'm not an expert at identifying all types.  I read up on "The Burn Test" and tried to set the wool on fire  {please don't try this at home :-)  }.  I can confidently say the it smelled Horrible ~ like burning hair and it was rather difficult to catch fire.  This means it's probably wool.  About the Polyester ~ I don't need a burn test to prove the content of that stuff!  I almost feel bad bringing it back into circulation.  I went to Ebay to figure out how to price it and just went with the lower side.  I know there are all sorts of benefits with making items out of wool but I'll save all that excitement for someone Greener than I am.  I'm starting off with two fabrics for now and you can see other views * H E R E * I N * M Y * S H O P *

Wool Fabric

Wool Fabric

Polly & Ester

Polly & Ester

Until Next Time,

Friday, August 5, 2011

L o T's * oF * e X c I t E m E n T !

Hey Everyone!  We have a lot of excitement here in our little bubble.  My youngest son left for Rome two days ago and while on the Cruise, he proposed to his girlfriend!!  Also, you may remember that my oldest son also proposed to his girlfriend this past February!  I'm happy to say again how wonderful it is to gain TWO daughters without having to go through the "terrible/terrific two's"  or those awkward teen years  :-)    I think my MY LITTLE ETSY SHOP will begin including a few things Wedding related!
Other totally awesome family news... my middle son has been doing an internship at a Search Engine Marketing company which is a unit of the Hearst Corporation.  As the internship winds down, he was offered a permanent position and will be moving to New York!  This is such an amazing and awesome opportunity for him & we are so excited !  Actually, right now, it all seems like a dream.  As a Mom, it feels so good to see my boys moving along in life and doing so well.  All those days gone by, reminding them to brush their teeth, put away toys, be nice to your brother... are still so clear in my mind.  Time passes so quickly even though living through each minute of younger school days, middle school, high school and finally college may have zapped your last ounce of energy and you think their adult-hood will never be here ~ I'm here to tell you, it does happen! 
Sorry this is a picture-less post.  I wanted to get the news out as soon as I knew I was "allowed" to!  {I knew about the recent engagement for a while but couldn't say a word!}
Yay, it's Friday and time to celebrate!
Until Next Time,

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Feature...

Hey Everyone! I have to share with you something that a fellow Etsy friend and Blogger, *CREATED * BY * LAURIE*. is doing on Tuesdays in her shop. She is featuring other Etsians. I think it's a wonderful idea and something I might consider doing in the very near future {when I have  more controlled free time}.  I like the idea of Theme Days, don't you?  I would like my Themes to include other Etsy shops or Blogs and give them a little extra exposure.  I'm all for supporting handcrafted.  Guess what?  This week Laurie has featured me!   Just *CLICK * RIGHT * HERE*  and you'll be directed right to her blog !!  And, if you *CLICK * RIGHT * HERE*,  you'll be taken to her awesome Etsy shop.  I encourage you to go to both pages!  She has lots to show you  :-)
Until Next Time,
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