Wednesday, June 29, 2011

* * A Couple Of New Things **

Hey Everyone!!  I thought I'd post pics of new items in the shop or getting ready to go into the shop. The skirts are there now..   simple elastic waist, toddler size.  Perfect for beach cover up   {Yay, summer is here!!}.  I also just made these little kimono booties, which are SO adorable. if I may say so myself! Not my pattern though, so I need to get the link, etc so I can give the appropriate Etsy shop owner credit for these cute little piggy warmers!!  Stop by MY SHOP  if you have a moment & check them out.  It's time to start adding some new goodies so come by often!  Thanks  :-)

Little Girl Skirt

Little Girl Skirt

Stethoscope Cover

Kimono Booties

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Special Just For Pets ...

Hey Everyone!  Most of my friends know I'm now a crazy dog lady {bring on the grand-babies please}.  I just found out about an event going on this month for pets. Micro chipping Madness Chip-a-Thon.  I wish I knew about this sooner.  It's only through the month of June. And this particular link is for Southern California {sorry!}  This is the SCVMA's LINK FOR LOCAL {LA/OC} CHIP*A*THON'S.  Maybe your Vet is participating as well. Check it out. I know we never plan on being accidentally separated from our sweet fur-babies but with all the natural disasters happening here and there, it's good to have peace of mind. Plus, 4th of July is coming up and we know how the doggies love fireworks.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stress Case: GIVEAWAY Winner!

Woo~Hoo!  Congrats to Barb K. for winning the giveaway  at STRESSCASEY'S BLOG.  And also a big thanks to Casey for putting it all together.  We need to do this again, it's a lot of fun meeting new followers! Here is the official link to the drawing, provided by Random.Org.
Stress Case: GIVEAWAY Winner!: "Thank you so much to those of you who entered my very first giveaway here at Stress Case! I am so happy I got to host this giveaway, and s..."
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Father's Day this weekend

Hey Everyone!  Wishing an early Happy Father's Day to all the Daddy's out there!  Does anyone have exciting plans for Sunday?   My boys will probably do something fun with their Dad {translate:  anything Food related.  Out to breakfast...Out to lunch... Ice Cream, Etc.} then later in the day we'll hang with G-Pa { aka, my Dad, their Grandpa } and probably involving more food. This month has flown by, first with the Grads and now with Dad's and a few birthdays sprinkled in between. Luckily no weddings!!
So I hate to admit this, but I've totally fallen behind on my "Summer of No Pants" project.  I joined last month with a group of gals to sew up dresses and skirts by June 17th { uh, that's tomorrow!} and celebrate a summer of No Pants!!  Well, I will still be part of this but just a tad bit behind. Our summers in So Cal are usually really warm.  Too warm actually.  Even with our ocean breeze. It's more like opening the oven door when it's on 475 degrees and it blows right in your face. Okay, so I might have a little bit of hot flashes mixed in with that, but still, this is no place to be wearing pants!  When I have my finished items ready to show off, I'll post a link to the Flickr page that everyone is posting their dresses and skirts on. It's so cool to see the different styles and fabrics.
Let's see... I also promised  to post some more grad pictures {did I mention I've been completely exhausted these past few weeks?}  It's been a blur with graduation, a son moving back home for a bit, working two jobs { okay yes, both part time ~ but it sounds good :-) } attempting to keep up with*MY   E T S Y SHOP *, and a million other little things!  But I guess that's life, right?
Oh, and most importantly, I will be posting the winner of the         * * G I V E A W A Y * *   here  !!!  So stay tuned!!
Until Next Time,

Monday, June 13, 2011


Hey Everyone!  My youngest son's graduation ceremony and party on Saturday, went well.  I am still recovering but will post pics tomorrow after work { I mean later today ~ just looked at the time}.  We are so proud, such a huge accomplishment.  For our family, this was our 3rd & final college grad. Now on to Masters program but first a little break in between to earn some money with the current degrees :-)    Our next focus will be the wedding of my oldest son.  The First one to pop the question. Wooo-hoooo!  The fun and excitement never ends here.  Before I sign off and get back to sleep, here's one little picture of the proud graduate!  

Graduation Day!  Sat June 11, 2011  University of California, Irvine
It was such a great day!
Until next time,

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quick Update

Hey Everyone!  Happy Monday {evening}.  I had to write a quick update: I've got a couple posts incomplete and in "Draft" at the moment. With my work schedule and my youngest son's graduation on Saturday the 11th, big party here on Saturday night, I've hardly had computer time.  I'm sure the Fraternity boys won't notice my clean floor or the cute decorations I've made,or the new flowers I've planted, but I insist on plugging away. I have a feeling they'll be heading straight through the house and into the back yard where all the action is. It's funny, I felt in complete control after addressing a certain amount of announcements and party invites.  Then I found out my darling son posted an Event on his FaceBook page.  Event! I believe his entire FB database of friends can see this event.  This event is the same smaller event I also hand addressed envelopes for.  I ended up not committing to being on call Sunday {for work} since I can't be too sure of the quality of sleep I'll be getting on that eventful Saturday night.
I know we'll have a grand time.  I'll take lots of pictures to share. Afterall, this will be the 3rd and final college graduation! Three boys and 3 B.A.degrees.  Three years in a row.  Next will be the Masters but maybe we'll celebrate those degrees in a more intimate way.
Eeeekkkkk!  It's already Tuesday morning.  Better post this!
Until Next Time,

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