Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bye - Bye Pink Computer :-(

Hey Everyone,
I had to say goodbye to my favorite laptop this week.  Hubby was kind enough to take it to Best Buy to see why it just stopped turning on. I was hoping it was just the power cord but the "experts" say it was my motherboard.  I feel so lost without it !!  I should know better than to depend on something so much {with out proper back-up!}.  As funny as this sounds, if it weren't for the crash in July, and my son saving me by recovering all of my data & putting it on his external hard drive, I'd have nothing right now!  So even though I didn't do routine back-up's to that drive, I did save all my purchased PDF patterns in Gmail so I know at least some things are safe!  Backing up is such a tough lesson. I share this with you as a reminder to Back-Up your stuff!!
On to happier news....  New Fabric!  Last weekend while at JoAnn's Fabric, I ran across tons of cute fabric but resisted for the most part due to the fact that my stash is probably violating a code in the Fire Safety handbook.  That said, I did make a teeny purchase, just because it was SO cute!  Take a look...
New Fabric from JoAnn's
I think it's so bright and cheery and ready for Spring! I'm not sure what I'll use it for yet ~ I need to stare at it for a bit.  Any suggestions ?
I'm making a hospital gown for the office.  Cotton is so much nicer than those paper gowns.  I found this cute Ocean Life fabric, which is so appropriate for Laguna Beach.  Here it is in progress on my ironing board.

Pediatric Hospital Gown for the office
Pediatric Gown close up
Isn't this fabric so perfect for Pediatrics? I just love it.

Believe it or not, my embroidery machine is still safe in it's box.  Maybe tomorrow....maybe.  I've scanned through the instruction book and checked out YouTube, hoping to lift the resistance I'm feeling. So maybe tomorrow, actually today, will be the day!

Until Next Time,

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Something New For My Shop!

Hey Everyone!

I received a big package the other day ~ Yes, I did order it  :-)  A new sewing machine!  I am so excited to start using it but I've yet to take it out of the box. I ordered this specifically for embroidering.  I got the embroidery itch back in October when I joined two fellow Etsy shop owners in a local boutique.  Laurie of "Created By Laurie" has this same machine and just loves it.  Check out her shop ~ she does such beautiful work!  She  personalizes her items as well, talk about an inspiration! 
Here it is:
My new embroidery machine!

It looks SO intimidating to me. You can bet I'll be checking out all the youtube videos that I can find. {Not a big fan of the learning curve}  I'm told that there are many online sites to download designs right to your computer and then you plug into the machine and the machine knows what to do.  Wow.  I'm used to embroidery the old fashioned way.... with my hands and a needle & floss.  
I hope to show you new items with personalization soon! 
Until Next Time,

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Few Cool Things Over the Holidays

Hey Everyone, Happy New Year!!
With so much to say and so much time has passed, I thought I'd post some photos of different Holiday Happenings -  places, people and things... 
Doggie Coat for a special fur-baby on Channel 5
The "inside" of doggie coat.
Clutches I made for my BFF's taken from KeykaLou patterns on Etsy
My Youngest Son & his Fiance at the Happiest Place on Earth!
My Middle Son, in NY at Museum of Modern Art -  standing by my VERY Fav Painting!!!  Jealous!
My Oldest Son and his Fiance.  We all went on a dinner/cruise early Dec. in Newport Beach. The boat parade was so incredible.  {Thank you, Val}
Middle and Youngest Son on the Christmas Cruise.
An ADORABLE hat my co-worker made me!

Close Up of the Bow ~ How cute :-)
My Mom and I.  Just a little to up-close I think. haha.

And the best present from my boys. The new iPhone 4s.  Best of all? It works! It talks back to me and makes me lunch, too.  :-)  Thank you boys!

I know I have more photos to add but it's time for dinner and a movie!  Hope your holidays were grand.
Until Next Time,
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