Sunday, April 29, 2012

Doggie Diaper!

Hey Everyone,

Probably by now, everyone knows I'm an Italian Greyhound lover.  Our little rescued girls are the best ever!  Yes, our big old Lab Tobie means the world to our family, too but the girls are like little kids.  Mia, the chunky, overweight and highly allergic one is now apparently incontinent. Maybe the benadryl she has at night knocks her out so well that she forgets to get up and potty? Not to say that she never wakes at night ~ cause she does.  I guess it's just the nights she doesn't.  Anyway, last night I searched one of my sewing groups for  doggie diaper patterns. Sure enough, I found one, by Amy D. 
A Doggie Diaper for our Mia

Mia Modeling Her New Diaper!
So there ya go! My cute little di-dee butt baby. Happy to report she stayed dry last night!

Until Next Time,

Saturday, April 21, 2012

New In Shop *and* WeDdInG UpDaTe !!

Hey Everyone!
I hope you're all enjoying this great weather like we are in So Cal.  It's like a mild summer and  so comfortable!
I'm so excited about summer being just around the corner .... as well as The Weddings!! 
Last weekend, we headed out to "wine country" Temecula.  My youngest son and his fiance are exchanging their vows on a beautiful vineyard.  There was an open house and we got to check out possible vendors, taste wine and food and cake as well as lots of other goodies.  All the grape vines are perking up and look more alive, now that the dormant season is over.  Flowers are planted and lights strung up.  Well, instead of me trying to describe it, how about some photos?
Walking down into vineyard
The Bride and Groom !
The Lake lights up at night!
Of course my pictures don't do it justice.  This is such a beautiful setting for a wedding.
The vendors went through a lot to set up all around so that their products could be viewed by all the future Brides & Grooms.
Check out this cake! It's a dress & pair of shoes!
The Doves
Dress Samples
How cool is this? Real roses in water with floating candle.
Some of the ideas were so creative!  There was a booth representing a lavender farm and the gal was making little sachets.  There was a mini donut table.  The smell and taste were out of this world.... so fresh and warm and soft and the icing was delicious... oh boy, I'd better be careful or I'll start drooling.
Then we stumbled upon the "transportation department".  Apparently, there are a variety of ways that the Bride can make her entrance.  It is a bit of a walk from the Bridal suites to the actual Isle that she'll be walking down. 
For the "athletic Bride"
Tux & Bike Shorts...
For the "classic Bride"
Me taking a pic of Dad taking a pic of the happy couple.
Or, for the "princess Bride"  aka  MY 1st Choice {if anyone cares!!}
Horse and carriage. So beautiful !
The Bride hasn't decided yet on how she'll be presented.  She's not leaning towards the horse and carriage, I do know that.    I vote the Mom's and Grandma's should arrive in this sweet ride, don't you agree?

I had a couple days off this past week and was able to work on a few items for the shop.  I found this easy tutorial for an adorable patchwork pencil case ~ or any type of case for that matter.
Pink zippered case.
Zippered cases, for a couple friends..
Once the piecing is done and sewn together, it's a quick project.  Thanks to A Spoonful Of Sugar Designs for the awesome tutorial !!
Another quick project is a set of coasters.  I found the most adorable fabric from Robert Kaufman and I believe I purchased from FABRIC . COM.  I just love their website!  And always free shipping over $35.

Flamingo/Hawaiian Print set of six coasters.
I'm mostly making "quick" projects at the moment because time is so limited.  I have some great ideas for future but I will save that for a future post!
Until Next Time,

Friday, April 13, 2012

Do you KiNdLe ?

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all had a great Easter last weekend {with family/friends or both!}. This was my family's first year without all of us.  Most of you know, I helped my middle son move to New York this past October {I'm doing okay - still getting used to it}. Thank goodness for Skype & Tango and all the other video chat apps that we can take advantage of these days.
I'm also glad that he has lots of new friends and even one special girl to spend time with, especially when a day comes up that is traditionally spent with family.  Truth be told, he hasn't had much time to get homesick.  He works really long hours and it seems like someone is always visiting him from Orange County! Amazing how accommodating his 400 sq ft apartment is! Luckily his design background contributes to good use of space.
Okay... I could go on and on about my boys but I won't be "that Mom"...... haha.
New in my shop:  Kindle Cover!  Do you have a Kindle?  I just LOVE mine.  My sweet boys {ooops, here I go again} gave one to me last August as a birthday gift.  I especially like downloading all the free eBooks available.  I will never read everything I've downloaded.  Well, I shouldn't say that because my Kindle can read to me so I can take advantage of my 20-30 min commute to and from work.
Kindle Cover - Back side
Kindle Cover - Front side
Kindle Cover - Close up of button
I made this one with a Michael Miller fabric called Ooh La La.  I think it's so pretty!  I lined the inside with a purple small wale corduroy and two layers of batting.  I took a close up of the hand painted button for the ribbon closure.  On the back where I attached the ribbon, I covered up the stitch rows with a little heart "jewel".  Can never have too much sparkle!
Inside the Kindle Cover
Of course I can make a custom cover.  I know not everyone appreciates flowers and bling and pink and sparkle as much as I do  :-)

Until Next Time,

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sew It All

Hey Everyone!
I have to share this awesome page/link with you.  It's from Sew It All.  The episode I'm linking is for a quick summer project.  A maxi dress with shirring on the bodice.  And, as they mention, if you do not like sleeve-less, you can easily add straps.  I just love this!  I'm going to give this technique a try and then make a maxi dress.  Hope you enjoy.

Episode 301

Until Next Time,
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