Monday, April 4, 2011

**Monday, Monday **

How was your Monday?  Mine went well... Hope yours did too!  I wanted to show off another item I purchased from Katie Belle Design.  I just can't resist the bling on most of her things!  I love sparkle and I love bling of any kind.  Check this out:
And it's even MORE adorable in person!!!  It was shipped in the fluffiest, pinkest, sparkliest tulle! Just made me smile.  I will have to wear it tomorrow. If you weren't able to see her shop last time I spoke about it, you'll need to go.  She also has an adorable shoe pendant.  That WILL be my next purchase :-)
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll have a chance to be productive in my sewing room tomorrow, for a short while, at least.  More pics to follow!  Of course I've made other purchases while in the recent BNR's and I'll tell you about those, too.  Oh, and I had another sale! So much fun.
Until next time,


  1. Wow Tammy, I have to tell you, your site is one of the most enjoyable sites I have browsed through in a long time. What impressed me most is how, after reading your blog for a very short time I felt as if iv'e known you for a long time. There is comfort food, I consider your site a comfort site! I can tell you have put a lot of time and effort into your blog and I am sure it is going to pay off. Best wishes. Steve

  2. Yay Tammy! I'm so glad that you're enjoying the necklaces! And I'm so happy to have met're a true Etsy sparkle :)

  3. Thank you so much "KatieBelle"! Can you tell I get excited pretty easily? I really LOVE the necklaces. Actually everything in your shop!
    Chat with you again soon!

  4. You wore that adorable necklace to work yesterday! - Casey :)

  5. Lol, Casey!!! Yes I did, and I have a few more to wear as well. I love KatieBelleDesign! She has so many cute things.
    Thank you for stopping by :-)


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