Friday, April 8, 2011

* A Couple More Items *

Hey Everyone,
Happy Thursday... although it'll be Friday by the time I officially post this.  I did manage to upload a couple items in my shop today.  I made another checkbook cover & a simple tote.  I love the pink floral fabric & all of the coordinating fabric that goes with it. I can't get enough.  Here's a picture of it
Quilted Check Book Cover
Quilted Check Book Cover ~ Opened
So, it's pretty bright, isn't it ?  I think it's the happiest
fabric ever!  Great for smaller accessories like this.
   Maybe even little girl dresses, too.  I quilted the inside
   & outside together with a layer of fleece in the middle.
   I don't have a pattern so I just stitched randomly.
  Since I'm having camera issues over here, I had to rush
  and take these shots outside using my phone before the
  "big storm" hit this afternoon. I'm not sure if it did or not.
  I heard some rain a little after sunset and it was pretty cloudy and windy most of the day along with temps in the 60's. Hubby said he heard we might have thunderstorms during the night but  It's about 12:20am now & I'm still waiting.
We'll know right away because our 85lb old Lab will start crying like a girl while the little {girl} doggies, snooze away!
  Wow, I got off track. 
  The tote. The story behind the tote.... I was given some
  fabric from a friend. She was cleaning her Mom's fabric
  closet from years gone by... maybe decades, and
  thought of me! Truly vintage.  I was so excited.
  I brought it home, washed and dried it and it came out
  great.  My plan was to make small zippered bags.  Like
  the cosmetic bags,  only smaller. I thought it would be a     good change to have something a little more conservative .  I started cutting out the squares along with the lining I picked for the inside and when it was time for attaching the zipper, the squares seemed too small.  So at the last minute, I sewed them together and made a bag. Here's a picture.  Remember, it's not my usual bright fabric.
Small Tote/Book Ba
All the crazy top-stitching on the handles is intentional ~ it has nothing to do with sleep deprivation at all.

One more teeny-tiny project I have for this weekend will be for my 10 year old niece.  Next week is Colonial Week at school and everyone dresses up.  I have a huge surplus of off-white linen I'm going to use and last weekend JoAnn's had Simplicity patterns on sale for 99 cents! I picked up the perfect costume pattern:  Dress, Long Apron and Bonnet.  She will look adorable.  Well, she's adorable anyway.  I will definitely take pictures.  It's a multi-sized pattern and my sewing room looks like a tissue explosion happened in there. I'll probably end up rolling it into a big ball and figuring something out on my own.
I started to separate some of the pieces earlier and ended up slicing right through my finger nail! Yikes, that was a close call.   Now my finger nails are all short ~ I had to make them match. Speaking of slicing...The day I brought hubby home, I tried to squeeze in a few projects while he was waiting for the official discharge and in my rush, I DID slice my finger!  I was using my super sharp scissors and not paying attention. I cut a huge gash out of my index finger. It did not want to stop gushing! Needless to say, all those quick projects were not completed!
Ohmygosh, side tracked again! 
One more thing about the tote.  Plain things always seem unfinished to me.... so I had to make a Yo-Yo for the front.  In the center I added a clear bead.{Officially called Silver Czech Crystal Rondelle Beads }  I purchased these beads from a fellow Etsy shop called   * BEADS YOU NEED *   I just love that name! She has over 100 different items and has sold over 5,000. I'd say she's good at what she does.  Lightning fast shipping, too! I'm really glad I found her shop.  You should check it out ~ especially if you have embellishing needs ~ or just to window shop.
Well, TGIF!  It's Friday and the weekend is upon us. Does anyone have great crafting plans? You can bet my machine will be buzzing.
*** Don't forget to be careful with scissors.  They are sharp for a reason!
Until next time,


  1. Tammy!! The checkbook cover sold already in our BNS, woohoo!! Great job sweetie :)

  2. Yes,thank you!! I received the notice earlier & am on my way to mail it now :-)
    This is SO much FuN *~* xx

  3. ...and I'm so happy to be the buyer! lol, I love it and your blog, I will bookmark it!

  4. Thank you Jacque :-) I'm glad there are a few others out there that love crazy PiNk like me!
    ~ Tammy


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