Saturday, April 16, 2011

Off The Path For A Sec....

Hey Everyone!  It's such a beautiful SpRiNg day here... and I hope it is for you, too.  I have to break away from my usual craft/sewing/BnR talk for just a moment, or for just a post :-)  My youngest son and his camera have been doing amazing things lately and I have to share!  The other night he and a friend, his camera and tripod, drove to NEWPORT BEACH for some fun night time picture taking. Luckily, the University he lives at is just ten or fifteen minutes away and I suspect I may have to share again in the near future.
Reminder; these were taken around 9pm and in the spring in So Cal, it's totally dark at that time.Only the moon and house lights gave off light.  He was experimenting with keeping the shutter open and you'll see that in one pic it looks like his ghost is in it  And in the Pier picture, it looks like mist is surrounding the pilings but actually it's many waves breaking against them.  Okay, I know, all you camera buffs are familiar with the cool images resulting from manual settings but it's been many moons since I took Photo 101.  And, this is a little brag time for me cause it's my blog !  Okay ready to check them out?

Newport Beach
Jeffrey's Ghost
Tripod Ghost
Not the Ruby's Pier, but the other one.
Okay, that wasn't so bad, was it?  Aren't they pretty cool?  As soon as he's done with school {Big Graduation on June 11th} I will bribe him to re-take my Etsy shop pictures.  Actually, he's such a sweet boy, no bribing necessary, I'll just need to keep him well hydrated with a beverage or two,Lol.  Well, that's it for now and I "hope" to make several more posts this weekend, depending on all this 85 degree weather we're having.
Until next time,

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