Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Giveaway & See What I Won In A Giveaway !

Hey Everyone!  I hope you're all heading over to Surviving Motherhood to learn the details for our GIVEAWAY!!!   I'm so excited that Cheri is organizing this. You should sign up to follow her blog as well because she will be featuring a few other shops and more prizes!  It's fun to be the winner every now and then, right?  And even if you don't need the item you won, then maybe it can be used as a gift for someone you know. Or you could donate it to an organization that needs items for a raffle, etc. Lots of possibilities here.  Speaking of giveaways.... I was the recipient of the cutest coin purse just recently!  One of my favorite blogs to follow is PINK STITCHES.  The week {or two} before last she was celebrating her blogiversary {just love that word} and Pay It Forward.  I was among the lucky winners! I received my coin purse this past weekend and have already put it to good use. I can't believe I actually found some loose change around here!  Inside the purse was an adorable hair clip bow! Of course I have pictures of both... check it out:
Simply Adorable!
Inside of coin purse
Top side of bow
Back side of bow
What did I tell ya? How cute are these?  I just love them.  I will also "Pay It Forward" in my shop so when we reach the deadline for the current giveaway {and after I figure out what I will be giving away}, be on the lookout for another chance to win!  Oh, this is so much fun :-) 
Don't forget to head on over to PINK STITCHES AND SURVIVING MOTHERHOOD EARLY YEARS for tons of great "news that you can use" { not my quote ~ can't remember who said that but just seemed appropriate to put here}.  Lol, let me know if you know where I heard that!   UPDATE: {4/21/11} I want to mention that PINK STITCHES is having ANOTHER awesome giveaway! But, it's ending tonight so hurry over to see the loot up for grabs! Click RIGHT HERE, MY FRIEND  Best of luck to you.  Enjoy your day and our giveaways!
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