Thursday, April 28, 2011

Giveaway Winner Plus How Do You Manage Your Time & Other Thoughts of Daily Organization

Hey Everyone!
Hard to believe that this week is speeding by.  And it seems as if not much as been accomplished that I was hoping would.  How do you organize your day?  Are you a list maker? Or do you keep all the info in your head?  I do make lists and keep them on my phone. Not for the daily stuff but for categories like "Food" and "Craft Store" and of course "Target"  etc. Usually my phone is with me so when I think of a random item I forgot to buy last time, and I think about it at a random time {while being no where near a pen & paper}, I always have an ongoing list on my phone.  Same with my Calendar. I put all appts into it as well as setting an alarm for it to go off and remind me prior to the appointment. I could not live without it.  Another thing I do is put a mini wall calendar in my bathroom, right next to the mirror. I totally need that for the visual of the month and which date falls on which day, etc.  So I'm pretty organized that way BUT the huge problem is the computer!!!  I used to play lots of games on Facebook - okay there, I admitted it.  Not so much anymore.  I don't have time!  Now with my Etsy shop and this Blog, and two Facebook pages, Twitter, Flickr, and my Dot Com website... there is not enough time. Oh, and I have a day job.  For a while there, most of you know my hubby was not doing well. He had a fairly simple surgery in Feb.  All went well with that but two days later, he had complications with DVT's {embolism, blood clot} and would have passed on but his IVC filter saved his life. He has a decade long history of clots so his Doc recommended the filer be placed many years ago. He's been home almost a month now & is finally walking again... but prior to that, I was his nurse 24/7. I mean for everything. He was bedridden. I was glad to brush up on my nursing skills. And glad now that he's more independent. You can imagine, he is too. He's not the type to sit still for more than a few minutes. {Wow, I have a way of getting off track}  Anyway, back to original subject!  I suppose a daily list would be good for me. Time to sew for my shop, time for Emails and replies, Time for Blogging, Time for updating all other websites.  Packaging and shipping. Sketching new ideas { this part is funny because I have these awesome ideas in my head for products, etc.  When that pencil touches the paper, for the life of me, I cannot accurately get my idea out!  My drawings look nothing like images in my head ~ I cannot draw at all. Then frustration sets in.}  So usually what happens, is the fabric is spread on my cutting table and I just start cutting away and hope for the best.  A little sewing, a little seam ripping, a little more sewing.  Sometimes, like with a recent tote I made, the finished product is not what it started out to be!  It's on these days that my list would not be followed because I'd use up much more time than originally allocated.  Before you know it, it's time for dinner {You know, WAY past that time when you should have been thinking about dinner..  help me {FLY LADY !!}    Of course all of the above is a non-issue if I've been at work all day. Only dinner is addressed {Sometimes}  Either something goes in the slow cooker & ready when I'm home or Hubby will prepare it. Luckily, he loves everything Food. Touching, smelling EATing it. {huge sore spot} Lol.  Me, well not that I don't like food, it's just the opposite.  LOVE the stuff but bad things happen to the waistline for me so I'd rather just stay away!  Know what I mean?  
Well, I could spend all day tapping away on this laptop but I've got something to sew and something to package up for mail {Love my sales and Love Giveaways!!}  Speaking of GIVEAWAY Dona was the lucky winner of the first giveaway!   YAY!  She picked this tote:

Dona is the Winner!!!
Congratulations to Dona!!  I will be having another giveaway soon, so be sure to stay tuned.  I'll also mention it on my Facebook page and Twitter so everyone will have an opportunity.
Until next time,

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