Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Really Special News !

Our house has been buzzing with excitement! My oldest son proposed to his girlfriend last night! We are all so excited and I am especially happy to finally, after 26 years, to have a daughter! And how cool is it that I get to bypass the toddler stage and early teen years! I am so lucky :-) She will be a wonderful daughter and already fits in well with our immediate and extended family. They haven't set a date yet but there is plenty of time for that. Her ring is beautiful and I will try to share a picture soon. The pictures I have taken were too full of bling and sparkle (not complaining) so rather hard to capture without bright interference.

I have quite a few projects ALMOST finished, therefore zero new items uploaded! I spend way too much time online. First, I catch up on my FB home page which contains updates from all (several hundred) of my favorite & "liked" pages. Sometimes I have to actually click on their link to take advantage of a great deal or get more details on what they've posted. Take for instance, one of my new favorite shops/blogs Savvy Spending Mommas, they have a great website, facebook and blog. They know where all the great deals are!  I think you should check them out and sign up to receive notices.  Everyone could use freebies and rare coupons, etc.   As you can see the result of all my online surfing, the day quickly passes by and then I realize my awesome sewing projects are waiting for me. Well, actually before I think about my projects,
I move onto my Etsy shop, Twitter, and my Blog & make sure they are updated and current.  By this time, several hours have usually gone by.  My favorite blogs all have such good information and in general, Etsy has such talent throughout all their shops! 
Tomorrow my teenage Niece and Nephew from TN are staying with us for the long weekend.  Should be lots of fun!!
Until next time, * Sparkle *


  1. YEA!!! That is so great Tammy!!! Congrats to your family!!

  2. Thank you Amy! You can bet that we are so excited!!


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