Monday, February 14, 2011

In The Sewing Room... my favorite place

Hello everyone and  Happy Valentine's Day!!
I hope the weekend was enjoyable for you as it was for me.  I spent a good amount of time in my sewing room (I just LOVE it there!).  I finished up a couple pair of sleeping shorts for two of my besties for Valentine's day.  Not that we usually exchange gifts but I had this idea and needed an excuse to sew.  Here they are,
Pink.  More Pink. Semi-patchwork. Drawstring. One Button.

White with Red Dots All Over. Drawstring. One Button.

They haven't seen them yet, in person that is.  I sent them to this blog to check them out! 
Next I made a simple bag. Very simple.  I decided to make it way harder than necessary!  I really wanted to see how well my seam ripper worked. (by the way,  it works great!).  It was a simple drawstring type of bag that I'm going to package my items in as well as sell sets of them in my shop.  Everyone can use re-usable bags, right?  Well, at the rate I'm going, no one will get to use them.  Maybe tomorrow I'll have a fresher outlook on those bags.
This evening I wanted to use my new zippers that I received the other day from this ETSY SHOP. I had this idea for a half rounded zippered pouchs.  I also wanted to include a divider in the middle and I wanted to quilt it.  So I started cutting and sewing. Ripping out a bit and sewing again.  Opps, ripped out some more and sewed it back up.  Yay, Finally I finished!  I was able to post to my shop.  Here it is:

Zippered Flamingo Print Make-Up Pouch

Inside Of Pouch - Phone Inside But Still Lots Of Room!
Green Flamingo Fabric Divider Inside Pouch

At least I was able to finish this!  I will streamline the next one I make and probably offer a couple different sizes.
Now that I've written this new post, the picture of the Orange tree in my yard will move lower! I'd better insert a picture of the pretty pink roses next to the orange & lemon trees.

I know this could be a little more focused but aren't they pretty? Especially for mid Feb.
Until next time,

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