Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Think Things Will Be Back To Normal Now.

Hello All,
I can't believe a whole week (and a day) has flown by since my last post!  I knew I was missing something & that there was a reason for the gnawing in my tummy ~ I miss my blog!
Last Thursday, my niece & nephew from TN came to visit for the long weekend.  They are in their teens and lots of fun.  As a matter of fact, this was actually their birthday weekend. My nephew turned 16 on Thursday and my niece turned 18 on Sunday. We celebrated at my house, at G-Ma & G-Pa's house, and in San Diego for two days! We went shopping, many trips to the yogurt shop, doggie park, bowling (well, not me...THEY like to bowl.  I don't wear rented shoes ~a quote I borrowed from my girlfriend). They even humored me with a little Facebook game time. My niece was sweet enough to model a few of my ETSY items for me. (Like I had to twist her arm! She was pretending my hallway was a catwalk as soon as the apron strings tied a bow around her neck !!! )
My Latest Apron.  Retro Style with Bunnies.
Modeling the pink scarf with "fun fur"
Modeling the purple multi-color scarf I made.

As you can see, she had a blast!  Even though she's super tiny for 18, she still couldn't fit into the toddler size dresses I made.  But don't think we didn't try!  That's one thing I do need to do is get a model for my handmade things.  I think they would display much better than on a table or hanging from my orange tree, don't you think?
Modeling The "Tooty-Fruity" Green and Pink Half Apron
We used up every minute they were here, and just as they were getting used to Cali time, it was time to leave on that jet plane again.  That took place at O'Dark Hundred Tuesday morning.  I made my brother stay over so that he could do the 3:30am pleasantries, like waking them up and gathering loose ends before rushing off to the airport.  Luckily John Wayne airport is ten minutes away! We look forward to seeing them again in summer and having a lot more than five days.
Later that Tuesday morning my hubby had a procedure and required an overnight stay at the hospital. All went well. I brought him home last night and I think "normal" routine will be mine again.
I did get to finish up my latest apron and make a little zippered pouch.  Oh and I finished a scarf              (I started a long while ago)   on the car ride to San Diego and in the hospital waiting room. Just need to finish it up with the fringe.
Zippered Pouch with unusual shape!

The Inside Of Pouch

The little pouches are fun to make.  I don't have a pattern, I usually go by how much leftover fabric I have from a previous project. For this one, both the fabrics, inside and out, as well as the zipper are recycled and repurposed.  It just goes to show you that it's a good thing to hang on to those odd pieces of fabric!  (zippers and buttons, too).
I'm going to call this scarf "Sherbet" because that's what it reminds me of.
Or maybe a 50-50 bar !
One more thing before I go.  I have to mention about these tags I ordered from a fellow ETSY shop (SillyLilly). They arrived yesterday and they are so awesome! Unfortunately she is closing shop but fortunately for all who purchases from her, the prices are amazing!!  I'll need to order again !! Check these out :
Gift Tags & Paper Flowers From SillyLilly
Okay, so they're not all tags but I couldn't resist the flowers with the *bling* in the middle. Could you? Each little package of 28 or so pieces were only a dollar! That's right, one buck. My recommendation is, if you need anything like this, take advantage now!
Just click Right Here  You won't be sorry :-)
Until next time,

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