Saturday, October 1, 2011

* It's A New Week *

Hey Everyone!
Another week flies by and all I can say is two things:   I've worked A LOT and bought tickets for New York!!  Not much sewing but maybe I can sneak a little in tomorrow ~ my idea of a day of rest.
So, about New York.  My son flew out last week to work and find an apartment. He had angels with him because everything went so smooth and quick. The location is idea, less than a half mile from the Hearst Towers, which is where his office is.  No subways to deal with!  He's home for a few days to box up & ship his things that might fit in his space. We'll both fly out on Thursday and get the apartment all set up.  You can bet I'll be Facebooking pictures as well as blogging on the run.  This is my first time to NY and probably my first time being speechless.  {No comments... you know who you are!} 
Thank goodness for Google Earth.  As soon as I got word that papers were signed and he had an address, I opened up my laptop and took a tour of the city. The 3-D street view is insane!  I stood in front of his building and "walked" to his office.  {Yep, had to make sure it was a "safe" walk through the neighborhood} Can you tell he is the first boy to really leave the nest?  The college stuff didn't count.  I only gave him 7 pairs of boxers so he'd come home and do laundry that first year of dorm-living. Actually, we saw all our boys a lot during college.  I am so lucky they humor me. 
Fingers crossed that I get to post pics tomorrow of new items for my shop ;-)
I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.
Until Next Time,      

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