Friday, October 28, 2011

* Trying something new *

Hey Everyone! I'm so happy it's Friday. No huge commitments this weekend so I plan on lots of sewing.  Or, maybe some crochet time... I can knit and crochet, in a straight line but the skill ends right there.  How lucky for me that a co-worker can do circles!! She taught me a couple new stitches {which I promptly forgot the name/abbreviation} but I think I have the technique mastered.
The beginning of my hot pink beanie!
Looks better this way, the "holes" aren't as noticeable!

 I also have a book & DVD to help with technique but you know how it's better to be shown something as detailed as this, instead of reading words? My co-worker said that she learned from YOUTUBE, 
I may end up there as well once my skill level moves past the "dummy" phase.  I think the little flowers I see around ETSY {and have even purchased} are so adorable and I'd really love to learn that next.  I may improve so much that I could offer little crochet hats in * My Shop *  but do allow ample time for that!
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