Thursday, January 20, 2011

Looks like another great day today!  I've been busy figuring out (still) all of the internet stuff.  I hate to think I'm a slow learner, but I do know that my talents are really in the sewing! Although It's always good to challenge my brain every now and then.
So I've got Valentine's Day on the brain.  Check out this cute fabric I found the other day.

I've started an Apron and should have it posted on my site by tonight.  I'm lining it with an off white Linen. I'll need to figure out something foofy to put on the pocket, after all, it's for Valentine's Day!  YaY !
I finished a narrow scarf.  The yarn is darker, with blues and browns.  Before I post to my shop, I'm going to add a little surprise to it. Hopefully it will turn out.  The picture in my head is totally awesome. Let's see if I can duplicate that.  Here's a preliminary picture:

It seemed to take forever to make this one but maybe because I limited knitting time to car rides and waiting rooms.
My next project won't take as long.  I LOVE the yarn.  Besides being so bright and rather colorful, it's thick and feels like a chenille, Very warm and cozy. Will be hard to sell. Only because when it's finished, I'll want to keep it for myself.

Here is a picture of the newest knitting project:

Sooo  soft and sure to be warm!

I can't seem to stay away from children's clothing clothing,  I think because I can usually finish a project in a day or less. So last night, I cut out a bib, out of Valentine print.  It's a cotton knit, nice and soft.  I think I will make the reverse side in terry cloth.  I remember how little one's need absorbent items around them when eating.  This bib won't catch the projectile stuff but will certainly serve well in the dribble department!
That's all for now.  Happy sewing to you!  I'm always open to hearing what project you are working on.  Please leave me comments, I love reading them.
Until next time, stay sparkling.

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