Tuesday, August 23, 2011

* ~ What I've Been Up To ~ *

Hey Everyone!  How's your summer going along?  These past few weeks have flown by!  Which is no excuse for not writing... but in my defense, I Did write!  From my {smart} phone. Well, apparently it's not so smart after all. Over a week ago, I wrote this big ol' long post, complete with complimenting pictures and it is still publishing!!!   OhMyGosh, I can't believe it.  A couple days later, while at my Mom's celebrating another family birthday, I posted again with only one or two pics. I was concerned maybe that first one was just 'word overload' or something, so my second was considerably shorter!  Guess what? Yep, still "publishing".  Ugh!   I have tried all sorts of things to remedy the situation but still  unsuccessful.  Tonight, instead of writing earlier, I was on Android's Blogger App Help Feedback page, letting them know of the Huge kink I have encountered ~ and a little blurb about how unhappy I was.  I noticed a few others had the same problem so maybe we'll see a solution. In the mean time, since I can't open the post while it's "publishing", I will have to go off memory!  {Fyi, not always so clear} This will be a short version.
UPDATE: haha, after I posted this... I realized that I posted this pic almost a month ago. I'm going to keep it though because I'm so proud of Christine!!
First, at the start of summer, I made this adorable ruffled, half-apron (if I may say so myself!} for my shop. It took a long while & finally uploaded to my shop early August. Here is a picture of Christine modeling for me.

Quick note about Christine.  Sweet friend of my middle son. She was staying with us for a few weeks in between her internship in DC and moving to Indiana to go to A Really Good School In Their Law Program {she's one smart cookie!} I'm so proud of her!!
The next thing I made is a reversible craft/crayon & kitchen apron for little people.  The inspiration for this came from my stroll around Laguna Beach, CA and playing tourist at the Sawdust Festival. Mine is different because it's actually two aprons in one. The front is for crayons or can be used for paint brushes, etc. The reverse side has two pockets and can be used in the kitchen to "help" or anywhere else "help" is needed. I didn't have a pattern and literally cut and sewed as needed until it turned out this way.  What do you think?

I should be listing in my shop soon.  Stop by & check out my other items if you have time!

I will need to post double time now, since everyone probably thought I abandoned this page! More to follow.
Until Next Time,


  1. Smart phones...sometimes they are more frustrating than they are worth! My D-I-L dropped her Android and went back to her Blackberry because the droid was so maddening. Hope you work it all out.

    Thanks for the follow. Following you back.

    Cherished Handmade Treasures

  2. Hi Sandy! Lol, yeah, I wish I could drop my Android... maybe in the ocean or something. It's not like I'm asking it to do more than the ordinary phone... take a picture, maybe a video, {lot's } a little texting, an occasional phone call or two, email with reminder appts, make me lunch... just kidding.
    I love your blog, by the way!! Thank you for your note.
    ~ Tammy


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