Friday, August 5, 2011

L o T's * oF * e X c I t E m E n T !

Hey Everyone!  We have a lot of excitement here in our little bubble.  My youngest son left for Rome two days ago and while on the Cruise, he proposed to his girlfriend!!  Also, you may remember that my oldest son also proposed to his girlfriend this past February!  I'm happy to say again how wonderful it is to gain TWO daughters without having to go through the "terrible/terrific two's"  or those awkward teen years  :-)    I think my MY LITTLE ETSY SHOP will begin including a few things Wedding related!
Other totally awesome family news... my middle son has been doing an internship at a Search Engine Marketing company which is a unit of the Hearst Corporation.  As the internship winds down, he was offered a permanent position and will be moving to New York!  This is such an amazing and awesome opportunity for him & we are so excited !  Actually, right now, it all seems like a dream.  As a Mom, it feels so good to see my boys moving along in life and doing so well.  All those days gone by, reminding them to brush their teeth, put away toys, be nice to your brother... are still so clear in my mind.  Time passes so quickly even though living through each minute of younger school days, middle school, high school and finally college may have zapped your last ounce of energy and you think their adult-hood will never be here ~ I'm here to tell you, it does happen! 
Sorry this is a picture-less post.  I wanted to get the news out as soon as I knew I was "allowed" to!  {I knew about the recent engagement for a while but couldn't say a word!}
Yay, it's Friday and time to celebrate!
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  1. Exciting Times!! I'll watch out for the wedding related items!


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