Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Feature...

Hey Everyone! I have to share with you something that a fellow Etsy friend and Blogger, *CREATED * BY * LAURIE*. is doing on Tuesdays in her shop. She is featuring other Etsians. I think it's a wonderful idea and something I might consider doing in the very near future {when I have  more controlled free time}.  I like the idea of Theme Days, don't you?  I would like my Themes to include other Etsy shops or Blogs and give them a little extra exposure.  I'm all for supporting handcrafted.  Guess what?  This week Laurie has featured me!   Just *CLICK * RIGHT * HERE*  and you'll be directed right to her blog !!  And, if you *CLICK * RIGHT * HERE*,  you'll be taken to her awesome Etsy shop.  I encourage you to go to both pages!  She has lots to show you  :-)
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