Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quick Update

Hey Everyone!  Happy Monday {evening}.  I had to write a quick update: I've got a couple posts incomplete and in "Draft" at the moment. With my work schedule and my youngest son's graduation on Saturday the 11th, big party here on Saturday night, I've hardly had computer time.  I'm sure the Fraternity boys won't notice my clean floor or the cute decorations I've made,or the new flowers I've planted, but I insist on plugging away. I have a feeling they'll be heading straight through the house and into the back yard where all the action is. It's funny, I felt in complete control after addressing a certain amount of announcements and party invites.  Then I found out my darling son posted an Event on his FaceBook page.  Event! I believe his entire FB database of friends can see this event.  This event is the same smaller event I also hand addressed envelopes for.  I ended up not committing to being on call Sunday {for work} since I can't be too sure of the quality of sleep I'll be getting on that eventful Saturday night.
I know we'll have a grand time.  I'll take lots of pictures to share. Afterall, this will be the 3rd and final college graduation! Three boys and 3 B.A.degrees.  Three years in a row.  Next will be the Masters but maybe we'll celebrate those degrees in a more intimate way.
Eeeekkkkk!  It's already Tuesday morning.  Better post this!
Until Next Time,

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