Wednesday, June 29, 2011

* * A Couple Of New Things **

Hey Everyone!!  I thought I'd post pics of new items in the shop or getting ready to go into the shop. The skirts are there now..   simple elastic waist, toddler size.  Perfect for beach cover up   {Yay, summer is here!!}.  I also just made these little kimono booties, which are SO adorable. if I may say so myself! Not my pattern though, so I need to get the link, etc so I can give the appropriate Etsy shop owner credit for these cute little piggy warmers!!  Stop by MY SHOP  if you have a moment & check them out.  It's time to start adding some new goodies so come by often!  Thanks  :-)

Little Girl Skirt

Little Girl Skirt

Stethoscope Cover

Kimono Booties

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