Friday, May 27, 2011

* Time For A Long Weekend *

Hey everyone!  So just when I think I can be a little more regular blogging, the opposite happens! Maybe this nice long weekend will allow time to catch up on all things PiNk and SpArKLeY :-)    {Yep, famous last words}.  Of course I secretly wish that we could get away and enjoy the wonderful weather we are having this week in SoCal. In years gone by, our family tradition was to spend the Memorial Weekend in Rancho Mirage {Palm Springs}. Hubby's Aunt has a wonderful condo in a gated community down there, and it just so happens that she returns to her home in Lake Tahoe right before the long weekend.  We love the 100 degree temperatures when that refreshing pool is just steps away from the perfectly cooled condo. Things have changed a bit these last few years... since we've rescued two completely adorable Italian Greyhounds {not at the same time}, we feel bad boarding them for several nights and even though we could take them with us, we'd be limited with many of our usual activities. Yes, they are our "babies" now that the boys are adults. And, this year I am On Call Saturday so I need to stay in town. Maybe I forgot to mention my recent adventure? I'm putting my nursing license to good use ~ last summer I became a certified Phlebotomist. I *LOVE* what I do! It's so satisfying to see that first squirt of blood in the vial - - success! I know, it's not for everyone but for sure just about everyone has to have it done at some point. And I am getting pretty good :-) 

Well, I think I should get to the reason, or announcement for today's blog.  About a month ago, I posted about an activity I wanted to get involved in.  A blog I'm following * * RIGHT * HERE * *, is organizing the "SUMMER-OF-NO-PANTS". Marigold, the author of  hideousdreadfulstinky  has gathered other bloggers who guest post their take on a Summer of no pants, complete with tutorials, discounts, etc.  It's so full of inspiration and just makes you want to drop everything and go sew!  There is also a Flickr group to join and show off your creations. It's a great place to get help, discuss and meet others that are participating. After you finish reading about this fun project, click on her * H O M E * P A G E *, and be further inspired. I love blogs like Marigold's, so knowledgeable and so fun to look at! I hope mine grows up to be so great as well.  Actually, I should slow down a bit on all the blog reading I do and hit the sewing room.  Time is so limited as it is and if I want to practically make a new wardrobe, I'd better get crackin'.  Lol, okay maybe not an entire new wardrobe, but some summer stuff.  I've lost a good amount of weight since last summer {by choice} and as a result, happily I need summer attire! What a great predicament to be in.  So, will anyone join me in my May/June activity? Let's get sewing!
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  1. Hi there! Thanks for your comment on my first blog post! :-) Yes, I'm excited to be setting aside time to make some skirts and dresses before summer starts! I'm going to need them when I visit the quite warm in June state of North Carolina to meet my new little niece right as summer begins! P.S. In my fabric horde, I have that same fun flamingo flannel!! Happy sewing! :-)

  2. Thank you for the note! I hope to post my progress here and on the Flickr group. I have to be accountable. I hardly sew for myself so that's why I went public with this project. It will be fun.
    Yes, I also see familiar fabric as I browse through other shops. That's what happens when you've been hoarding fabric for as long as I have! Haha. Time to use it up.


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