Saturday, May 28, 2011

*** LooK At What I WoN ***

Hey Everyone!  You all know by now that my newest obsession is participating in BNR/BNS on Etsy. I don't always post about them here but I always T W E E T  and post to my FACEBOOK PAGE to encourage people to stop by {and Buy!}.  It's a great way to advertise and lots of fun!  So about 10 days ago, I bought into a few BNR's and I was just getting ready to close my laptop, when I noticed an email from a fellow Etsy shop owner, letting me know about a BNR she was in.  Real quickly I clicked and went to it.  I totally liked the shops and ended up buying in.  I didn't realize that you also received a raffle ticket when you purchased.  My ticket was sent to me via email {#89}.  Well late that night when I checked my email before bed, Elizabeth, the team leader of STAT Team, notified me that I was the winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was so shocked! I don't usually win anything...   so check this out..... I didn't win one gift, or two gifts, I won a ToN of gifts!!!!! How generous is that??? It's like Christmas around here everytime the mailman stops by! The talent of this Team is amazing!  Such care and wonderful craftsmanship is apparent in each item.  Follow H E R E to go directly to their blog and the April 25th post explaining the details AND a picture of each prize made and donated by each shop.  I'm still so honored to be the recipient of all these beautiful treasures!!
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