Saturday, December 10, 2011

* Pin Obsessed *

Hey Everyone,
Have you P i N n E d yet ?   I joined this craziness some time ago but honestly, I didn't really have it all figured out.   I mean, I know it's a virtual pin board and it's all about pinning photos you love, organizing them into groups or boards.  You can follow people with similar taste, and re-pin items from their boards on to your board.  Beautiful collages are bound to happen!  I'm not totally up to speed though, there are still questions!  Like, what if I'm looking at a photo I'd like to "pin" but I don't see the "pin it" button next to it ?  Because really, I've got a lot of pictures I'd like to add to my boards that are not in the confines of Pinterest World.  So what's a girl to do?  I suppose I could read the Help menus. But since I was up most of the night pinning away, I'm too tired to read anything.  I did find out I could add the nifty Follow-Me-On-Pinterest button to my blog... which I'll have to do!
Feel free to let me know what you know, if it's more than I know about it  :-)
Not a whole lot of sewing for the shop has been going on due to more complications with my leg.  I'm finishing up a special order today and then I might work on hand sewing projects or other things I can do with my leg elevated. I'm feeling a little frustrated! {and that's not including my phone}  I see the iphone in my very near future.... and maybe a new sewing machine!  Specifically to embroider. This will open up lots of possibilities!
Until Next Time,

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