Saturday, December 3, 2011

21 Shopping Days To Go

Hey Everyone!
How is your Christmas shopping coming along?  I've got a lot of ideas for gifts but nothing actually in hand yet...  Which brings up something else I was thinking about.  Our fur-babies!  They should have something to open along with everyone else! Besides, if you don't keep them occupied, you know they'll just get into things they're not supposed to!  
I purchased this cute little "bone" for my girls last month from Laurie at CREATED BY LAURIE.  She personalized it for me, one side says Mia & the other side Abby.  I can only show you Mia playing with it because she won't let Abby have it!  The second I opened the package and squeaked it, Mia grabbed it and ran.  You'll notice the fabrics are my request too.  Sparkly pink for Abby's side and solid pink for Mia.  Her prices are so reasonable!  You should check out her shop.

I noticed that there aren't any negative comments on the music!  I guess you all use your mute button as well?

"MIA" side of bone

MIA with the bone

"ABBY"  side of the bone

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