Monday, June 4, 2012

Trying To Balance

Hey Everyone!

Another gap in my blogging..  not that I haven't been thinking about it ! I never thought I'd be lost for words but it has actually happened. So much has been going on both personally and in the sewing room.  It would probably do me good if I did stop to write.  First I should say, my hubby is back in the hospital.  Not for orthopedic issues this time but vascular reasons.  He's had three surgeries in a row, two unplanned all starting this past Thursday. With all the hours I've spent sitting in Lobbies and ICU, you'd think I could write - but nope. My iphone has smoke coming out of it tho, with all the texting I've been doing!  I am thankful for the comfy bed in ICU. I get the best sleep there.  After the 2nd night at home and getting the 1:45am call that his vitals are out of whack & he's being rushed back into the O.R. for internal bleeding, it's rather unsettling.  Today is day five and vitals are finally stable but he is not a happy camper. With the foot long abdominal incision and having the breathing tube stuck down his throat three times, everything hurts. I hope my next post will be about improvement!
On a happy *Wedding* note ~ last weekend I went shopping with one of my future daughter-in-laws and we selected fabric for her veil and one other item that I will be making.  I'm SO excited about this!!!  And, even though they are not using a ring bearer, she still wanted a ring pillow so we also picked up some pretty fabric for that.  I was over the top full of energy and made the pillow the next day!! 
*Ring Bearer Pillow*
Don't you just love it?  I'll be posting more soon.  For now, off to the hospital.
Until next time,


  1. Oh no! I hope things have improved since you wrote this post. *Hugs*

    1. Hi Laurie!
      Thanks for your note. Yes he's doing better but it sure is slow and steady. Moving out of critical care was huge. He is stable now and asking to come home.
      After about 10 days, he's tired of being there.


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