Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Places

Hey Everyone!
I thought I'd share a few of my favorite pages.  I have to stop by at least once per day.  The first one is a blog I recently discovered by clicking here and clicking there.  You know, one thing leads to another.... when you should be doing something else but you can't seem to step away from the laptop... haha..  what caught my eye was "Thirty Days Of Sundresses". I LOVE sundresses! Over at  MELLY SEWS, she features a sundress or two each day for young and adult.  It's so inspiring and looks SO easy!
My other favorite page is SEW CAN SHE.  Everyday is a feature project and tutorial by a talented sewist/crafter.  I just love it.  I signed up for her newsletter and each day I see something amazing! 
{ps I don't know the owners of the pages I mentioned or did they ask me to post about them. I'm simply sharing an awesome find!}
Here on the home front, Hubby was finally transferred out of the glass bubble/critical care unit and  on to the cardiac floor.  This is a good thing! The healing has been slow and go and pretty painful but it looks like the worst is behind him.
I hope where ever you are, you're enjoying wonderful weather like I am in sunny Southern Calif!

Until Next Time,

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