Friday, February 24, 2012

Keeping Up!

Hey Everyone!  Today's post should be "Trying To Keep Up!" Now that Influenza has officially made a visit in our community, It's been super busy at the office. Those poor kiddos.... And the poor Mommies that aren't allowed to get sick, but do anyway.  I'm amazed at my cast-iron immune system, at least when it comes to sicky stuff.  Bodily fluids tend to spew like nobody's business and it sometimes takes great talent to dodge the airborne, germ-filled, microscopic {and not so microscopic} particles.  I've been known to hold my breath ~ especially when I can tell that I might have a gagger, when I stick that throat swab down there {testing for strep} and the slightest touch of the Uvula, will send last night's dinner back up to say HI.  Again, gotta be quick like a bunny!
Thought you might appreciate the visual.
Amazing what you can find on the internet, isn't it?

Other fun times I've had recently has been in the Wedding department!  We have TWO wedding this year... my oldest son in August, and my youngest son in October.  A few weeks ago, I went with my youngest son's fiance { & her Mom, Aunt & Bridesmaids} to L.A. for dress shopping.  This was a fun afternoon and after she said "Yes to The Dress" we had a wonderful lunch across the street at a place called The Taste.  Without revealing too much, here are a few photos...

Vera Wang, Melrose St. Los Angeles

I love how the fashion hangs from the ceiling!

Of course I love the sparkly ones in the middle.

Just one of the displays of lovely lace & beads & sequins!

Ready wear items in the front of store...which I can now get 20% off !
Right across the street, perfect little place for lunch.
So now both future daughter-in-laws have their dress!  It's so exciting for sure.  The magical days will be here before we know it.
Remember the sewing machine/applique machine I bought in January?  I'm embarrassed to say that it is still in the box!  Oh I know, it's horrible....but just so you know, I'm waiting for a sewing Fairy to set it up for me in my awesome sewing room. He or she will have connected it to my laptop, tested it, made a few samples, figured out all the kinks and will show me in 10 minutes or less, how it works.  Sounds like the perfect plan, right?

I'll let you know how that goes.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Until Next Time,

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