Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A couple of new things in my shop...

I've been spending lots of time online trying to learn about making my own website and setting up my blog. There is so much information out there and I'm thankful I have the time to do this now.
I've also been at the machine and put up two more items. I will upload pictures at the end of this post. More to follow soon because I also spent many hours cutting out totes with coordinating linings. It's so much easier and seems better use of time, to have a cutting day. I've done that before with other bulk items and it just makes sense. It's a good plan for Yo-Yo's too. I'll spend my down time cutting out circles and stitching them up. I store them in a zipper bag and it's easy to grab and go with me. Also, I try to keep a variety of colors available so if I make an unexpected "adjustment" to an item, I can always place a coordinating Yo-Yo over it! This keeps my products unique and OOAK (One Of A Kind).
I wish I could figure out how to put tabs up at the top of my page. I want to put all my photos of handmade things together, instead of spread out here and there at the end of a post. Seems more organized!! So, if anyone has figured that out, drop me a note! I have seen them on other blogs, hosted by different "hosts" but they haven't jumped out at me on blogspot yet.
I've been thinking that I should do something interesting here. Something to make other bloggers dying to come back. I thought of "Tip of the Day" as in Craft Tip but I wondered if all the info stuffed into my brain regarding all things sew/craft, could roll out in the form of Tips? It would tie in nicely with my Health Tip of the Day for both Doggies and Humans-- that I added at the bottom of my page. Pretty cool gadget, I say! Hey, I think my Yo-Yo talk could be considered as today's Tip !!
Now to add pictures and hopefully get to sleep at a decent time.

Here is a tote... complete with tropical drink recipes on it!

This is a diaper cover for a little girl. I love black with pink!

 Until next time.... stay sparkly,

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