Friday, February 22, 2013

Five Dollar Friday!

Hey Everyone!
I've been meaning to post about one of my favorite Etsy shops,  MICHELLE PATTERNS ETSY SHOP    OR   MICHELLE PATTERNS  {her Dot Com Shop}. Every Friday she offers her awesome patterns for only $5.00.  Such a deal!  The patterns that I've purchased have been super easy to follow and the finished product turns out so cute. Also if you have any questions, she's very easy to communicate with. In the past, I've sent an email and heard back right away.
I know it's afternoon already here in Calif. but hopefully you'll have a better memory than I do and will go shopping next Friday at Michelle's!

February has flown by much quicker than January did.  My FAV holiday is Valentine's Day. I just love decorating with all the Pink, red, lace and fluffy sparkle. And that's just my wardrobe!  Hahaha, just kidding...   I really meant my house but I do "dress up" for work as well.  I take advantage of being a pediatric nurse because with kids, I get to be a little goofy and get away with it.  So red flashing heart earrings & necklace, scrub tops with hearts all over and matching socks. Believe it or not,  simple things like that can make that shot I give them, hurt just a little bit less.... so far it hasn't backfired and scared anyone away! I'm lucky to have such a great job, awesome boss and co-workers and little patients, too.

My niece and nephew came out to visit over the long weekend - President's weekend here and it's also their birthday's. They used to stay summers with us but the last couple years they've signed up to be in the working world and it's not so easy to take off 2-3 months. Now they've got bills to pay: car, auto ins. etc. 
Here's a picture of us the morning they left. I was leaving for work and it was time to say "goodbye". My niece didn't get her usual hour of primping in front of the mirror before this quick pic.

Early, early morning. Jason & Kristina go back to TN today
 I actually made something for myself the other night. It's silly but not having a make-up roll was bugging me so much that I made it after a long day at work... {I usually have a late dinner and get ready for bed}  They are so easy to put together but the biggest decision is usually which fabric to use. I had enough left over of the Michael Miler fabric that I love so much and used that.  If it looks familiar, it's because I made my new daughter an Ice Cream Cozy out of the same fabric just a few weeks ago. I love the big bright flowers.

Make-Up Roll Open

Make-Up Roll Closed

I don't have a pattern for this, I just measured out enough scrap fabric for what I thought would accommodate my brushes and other long, narrow things. And then I picked a soft pale pink for the inside and cut the exact size as I did for the outside. I used a smaller scrap for the panel on the inside that would hold the brushes in their spot - it is also lined.  On this roll, I got ahead of myself and ended up having to use seam binding for the two short sides. I hate strongly dislike seam binding. No matter how many tutorials I watch or how many ways I apply it or how many times I practice, IT NEVER LINES UP WELL.   Oh it makes me crazy.  I get a little OCD when it comes to seam binding and I really try to avoid at all costs. I had to keep telling myself that no one will see this, it's just for me. It's getting late and it's a work night so suck it up.
If you zoom on the top picture, you see how "off" it is.  I'm only bringing it up so you know that I know it looks bad. Normally the things I make for myself I strive for perfection just because it represents my work. {And I say no one will see it  - yet here it is posted for all to see, haha}.  I have a few requests for a make up brush roll and you can bet I'll slow down and assemble in a different order and avoid the seam binding!
As things begin to slow down, I'm hoping to add a couple to my shop!  I love having extra time to sew.
Until Next Time,

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