Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fantastic February

Hey Everyone!

I hope you're enjoying the weekend. I sure am. I've spent a lot of time exploring other blogs and learning new tricks and tips!
Yesterday I made an "ice cream cozy" for one of my new daughters. She loves her ice cream and likes to eat it from those individual containers.The problem is, they freeze your hands! I took a Starbucks cardboard sleeve I had on hand,opened it up and used that as a guide for the basic shape and curve.  I actually needed my pattern to be larger than the standard coffee cup holder.  I used a Michael Miller fabric for the outside and pink flannel for the inside. I think it turned out cute.
Ice Cream Cozy, Secured with large button and hair elastic
A better view of closure
It was fun to make.... and easy. My first attempt was a quilted version.  The only problem I ran into was thickness {if I sewed right sides together and then turned}. My other option was to use seam binding and for the most part, I avoid at all costs. It looks a little wonky only because our Lab Tobie, got a hold of the ice cream container {my sample!} and started to tear it up.  The actual cozy is fine but the picture looks lop-sided!
This was a really quick project and I'll probably make one for my son out of a super hero fabric. I'm sure he'll like that.

My son in New York is finally experiencing a NY winter. Last year he brought California with him and it hardly snowed.  Here's a few pictures he sent me via text yesterday...
Standing outside his front door. Midtown, NY

His cute girlfriend being silly. Look at the snow whip around!
His view in the morning. 3rd floor apartment.
Of course to me, this does not look like a good time. I shut down when the temperature dips into the low 50's. I just don't tolerate extreme temperatures {thin blood? midlife? cranky?} I've seen FB photos of friends on the East coast- they open their front door only to be greeted with a wall of snow. They can't exit until they get the shovel! That is crazy.

On a sunnier note, we took a stroll to the Harbor last week. Dana Point Harbor. It was such a nice afternoon. Perfect weather and lots of entertainment from the pelicans.  I've got a video of these crazy birds but not sure if I can load it.  As we stood at the rail, they would sit on a boat and wait... all of a sudden they'd take off in the air, do a circle and just drop into the water to get the fish! It was hilarious. Many times it looked as if they were flying straight at us, only to dive down with a plop directly in front, into the shallow water. Here's a few pictures.

Dana Point Harbor~Stroll Around The Harbor
Crazy Pelicans, Waiting for the perfect moment
Snack Time
Hope you enjoyed my pictures! Lot's more activity in the sewing room which I'll talk about in a future post.
Until Next Time,


  1. Love that idea to make a cozie for ice cream! Those things are so cold but sooo good haha I'm sure she's gonna love it!

    And super jealous of your sunny stroll. The snows melted in these parts but it's till bitter cold.

    1. Hi Holly!
      Thanks for the cozy comment/encouragement. I'm thinking of adding some to my shop. We've had visitors this last week so not much is going on in the sewing room. They are so quick to make and everyone seems to like them.
      We've been having some cold spells here in sunny CA. I'm never very prepared but I do have one really warm jacket and it's been getting lots of use. I will be glad when spring is here. I hope your neck of the woods warms up soon too!
      Thanks for stopping by!


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