Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dec. 6th And An Edit.

Hey Everyone!
So a week ago, I tried something new. I posted from my phone.  I thought it would help with my absence during these busy times. I also had some pictures to add from company that visited around Thanksgiving and a wedding we all went to.

You know it's not all that easy typing from the phone for the blog. I do prefer the computer and the larger screen to make sure it all looks okay. Well wouldn't you know, I type for 30 minutes {I had to make sure it was perfect because my choices were Publish or Cancel. Not save to draft... grrrrr}.  I was finally satisfied with the text and then it was time to add my photos.  Anyone who came to visit my blog between Dec. 6th and now, only saw pictures.  No words.  Not sure what happened that day but I suppose I should brush up on Blogging on the run.  This time of the year can be super busy and with work too, time is always short. I was also waiting on an appt with a specialist and really stressed about a poor diagnosis, but thank the Lord, I will be okay.!!
In 3rd or 4th grade, I had two really great girlfriends and we've stayed in touch this whole time. One lives in Oklahoma and the other in Texas. Well last month they both came to California!!! The one in Texas did live in Cali for a long while and decided to get married here, on a ranch inland from me.  It was a wonderful reunion!!! 

I think I mentioned before that I'm hooked on Instagram.  It's embarrassing how hooked.
I can't even post to my Facebook without a funky frame or cool collage of some sort.
Below I've shared the Ranch Wedding and also our visit to Laguna Beach with my girlfriend from Oklahoma and her grand kids.

These pics are from my Twitter page. I got to play tourist with them in Laguna Beach.

A collage from the Ranch in Corona, CA. An awesome place tucked away up on a hill.

Group Kodak Moment! We all had to wear white shirts and our cowboy boots. It looked so cool with the whole crowd dressed the same. I went for the denim skirt while they went for the jeans so side saddle wasn't so comfy on my pony!

More In Laguna. I think my iPhone is more reliable with pictures than it is with Blogging. Or is it the Operator?
Thanks so much for stopping by! Enjoy this season with family and loved ones.
Until Next Time,

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