Sunday, November 20, 2011

*~* My Sweet Girls *~*

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
I know I'm a little early but that's okay.  I had a list of things to blog about today but time has flown by, like it often does on the weekends.  Today we had a nice "rain storm" lasting more than an hour. Of course that's when I pick to go shopping!  Nothing like making mundane chores more exciting.  Maybe it will be more relaxing as the week unfolds and I'll have extra blogging time but for now, I have to post this picture of "My Girls".  Their Fall Portrait taken by Alex at our last I.G. play-date.  The Fall IG Play-Date that our Biggy~Iggy Mia, took a walk on water.
Abby {L} our 1st rescue 3yrs and Mia {R} 2nd rescue 2yrs old

 I posted this same photo a few minutes ago to my personal Facebook page.  I can only imagine the clever comments I get to read when I'm done here.  Apparently, most of my friends don't treat their little doggies as if they were the grand babies.  Ha.  {Guess my boys will need to get me some real grand babies after their weddings next summer!} 
Oh, I can see the notifications popping up now in the corner of my screen...comments made on my recent picture. This should be good :-)    
Hope you all have a short work week like I do, or better yet, no work at all.  Enjoy!
Until Next Time,

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