Wednesday, October 17, 2012

They Did It and Some Instagram Obsession

Hey Everyone!
Wedding #2 was a wonderful success. The venue was beautiful and a good time was had by all. I have some photos to share... fair warning though, I'm waiting on the professional ones. They have to be better than mine!
We'll begin with rehearsal 24hrs prior
My Boys and Their Girls
Her Dad Gives Her Hand and Jeffrey Takes Her Hand
They Clean Up Well !  The Guys Waiting....
With This Ring
Sealed With A Kiss
Meet The New Mister And Misses!
The Whole Gang!
Amazing Cake!
The Beautiful Flowers
Parting Gifts ~ Wine Stoppers From The Vineyard
I love Instagram! A little collage.
Hope you enjoyed this little sampling of pictures. Their photographers took SO many photos.  There was also a photo booth at the venue. Oh boy, what a fun idea. Over 880 pictures were taken at just the photo booth alone! I'll find a few choice ones and post here next time.
I apologize for the long gaps in posts. It has been incredibly busy here. With the house being remodeled, the weddings 8 weeks apart, working long, long days, doggie issues with the old guy, my favorite visitor from NY and his adorable girlfriend visiting, just to name a few things....  oh yeah, and today was my court day.....
Bad Day
 The Judge wasn't very flexible.  He asked if I am guilty or not guilty.  I asked for other options. Guess I should've baked brownies or something? Lol.  So... now I have a trial date. Not saying I was not speeding, but I'm a first time offender and I want to be able to explain my side. I know they've heard it all and they will hear it again from me.  I think we'll do a video re-enactment to better explain my case.  This should be interesting. November 13th is the next big date.  If I elected to pay today, do you know how expensive this is? My bail is $377. and traffic school is about $ 430. Crazy!  I guess California really needs money. And they want to collect it all from traffic offenders.

I'm SO itching to get in my sewing room.  I made great headway over the past weekend clearing out things that didn't belong there but lived there while the carpet was torn out and tile laid. I received a few awesome books in the mail, which I'll share next post ~ they are such a great inspiration to get me sewing again.  These last few months make the Holidays look like child's play!

Well, it's almost 1am and my alarm always goes off at 5:30am for work. Hummmmmm..... I just did the "math" and that's not much rest tonight.
Goodnight all Until Next Time,

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