Friday, September 7, 2012

Re-Useable Bags

Hey Everyone,
A day off for me today and I'm thoroughly enjoying a lazy morning surfing all the craft & sewing blogs that I subscribe to.  I love re-usable bags.  You should see the trunk in my car.  It's more like a bag problem! Very colorful and varied in size and shape, I just love them.  Each store that I frequent is represented.  I also like to make them and I do have a favorite pattern I purchased from Michelle Patterns formerly Keyka Lou  specifically This One Here.
Re-Usable Bag, In my Etsy Shop

Some time ago, I stumbled across the Japanese Knot Bag and I think this will be my new Fav bag.  I like how one handle loops through the opposite handle.  I can picture myself setting up an assembly line scenario in my sewing room and busting out many of these.  Depending on the fabrics used, these can be plain & solid or all decked out in wild prints.  First, I have a few projects to complete and then I will tackle the re-usable bags. It's not too early to think about Christmas ya know.
Our kitchen is under big construction.  Originally, it was a mold issue but after cabinets were torn out and walls came down, it seems termites had set up shop as well.  Good thing we don't make a habit of sitting on our kitchen counter because I'm pretty sure an embarrassing moment would've followed. The 2x4's holding up the counter/sink/tiles were just about hollow and reduced to dust as soon as the guys pulled them out.
The worker pulled out what was once a 2x4. Our neighbor picked it up and it disintegrated to dust.

Scary what goes on behind the scenes. Little critters that you cannot see but wreak havoc! So for now we are eating out a lot. Which I don't really care for so often.  You never really know what goes into the food someone else prepares... well actually, I think a lot of sodium goes into it because I feel it!
Time to be productive.  I'm feeling inspired.
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