Saturday, August 4, 2012

** August 4th **

Hey Everyone!

Happy Summertime and whatever else this day and month means for you.  Olympics? BBq's, Sunshine!  Today is a memorable day for a few reasons past and present.
Today my three boys took off for Palm Springs for a two-day and one-night bachelor party for my oldest son.  Countdown less than 6 days for the BiG DaY! 
The Guys  8.4.12
The Famous Dinosaurs on the way to the desert.  You can see part of his face behind Steven
The boys have been texting me pictures and partial sentences.... hummm, guess they're having a great time!  The place in the above photo is special to our family.  We've been going to Palm Springs since before the boys were born and started taking them as babies.  We'd often stop for a date shake and a bag of nuts at Hadley's and of course, the Dinosaurs.  When we went {back in the day} it was just a lot of dirt and those big guys.  Now it's all commercialized.  I don't even recognize that sign my son is standing in front of!  There is a gift shop now and I think they probably charge to look inside Dino.  Such a shame... but still a kick for them to stop by today.

Random Runaway Bride
This third photo just makes me laugh.  I will keep laughing if I stare at it.  I found it on my Facebook news feed and had to grab it.  I know, my sense of humor isn't always pristine but it is hard to please everyone, right?   So I had to share with you all.

Something I'm making...
In closing, one last picture...  above...  It's killing me to have to wait to post what I've been working on so I cropped out a little part to show you.   Not sure what those little blue things are because they don't appear on the real thing!  The center is one of three jewels  and around it I added sequins, clear glass seed beads and Svarowski pearls.  The Bride loves it and I think it turned out pretty cool, too.
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