Sunday, April 29, 2012

Doggie Diaper!

Hey Everyone,

Probably by now, everyone knows I'm an Italian Greyhound lover.  Our little rescued girls are the best ever!  Yes, our big old Lab Tobie means the world to our family, too but the girls are like little kids.  Mia, the chunky, overweight and highly allergic one is now apparently incontinent. Maybe the benadryl she has at night knocks her out so well that she forgets to get up and potty? Not to say that she never wakes at night ~ cause she does.  I guess it's just the nights she doesn't.  Anyway, last night I searched one of my sewing groups for  doggie diaper patterns. Sure enough, I found one, by Amy D. 
A Doggie Diaper for our Mia

Mia Modeling Her New Diaper!
So there ya go! My cute little di-dee butt baby. Happy to report she stayed dry last night!

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