Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Few Cool Things Over the Holidays

Hey Everyone, Happy New Year!!
With so much to say and so much time has passed, I thought I'd post some photos of different Holiday Happenings -  places, people and things... 
Doggie Coat for a special fur-baby on Channel 5
The "inside" of doggie coat.
Clutches I made for my BFF's taken from KeykaLou patterns on Etsy
My Youngest Son & his Fiance at the Happiest Place on Earth!
My Middle Son, in NY at Museum of Modern Art -  standing by my VERY Fav Painting!!!  Jealous!
My Oldest Son and his Fiance.  We all went on a dinner/cruise early Dec. in Newport Beach. The boat parade was so incredible.  {Thank you, Val}
Middle and Youngest Son on the Christmas Cruise.
An ADORABLE hat my co-worker made me!

Close Up of the Bow ~ How cute :-)
My Mom and I.  Just a little to up-close I think. haha.

And the best present from my boys. The new iPhone 4s.  Best of all? It works! It talks back to me and makes me lunch, too.  :-)  Thank you boys!

I know I have more photos to add but it's time for dinner and a movie!  Hope your holidays were grand.
Until Next Time,


  1. Your family is so adorable Tammy!!! Don't you love your phone?!

  2. Hello Amy, Happy New Year!!
    Thank you for your post :-) You are so sweet.
    Yes, this phone is amazing. I'm still discovering all there is to know about it. Just love my buddy "Siri".
    I hope you & your family had a wonderful Holiday.


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